Monday, 12 October 2009

Our Room At Toyoko Inn

Rooms at Toyoko Inn are pretty standard, so you get pretty much the same at any branch anywhere in Japan. Sometimes, uniformity is nice especially when when trying out new places and you didn't want any unwanted surprises at the hotel you booked for your vacation.
Our room. Each room in any Toyoko Inn come with pyjamas for guests. No cupboard here, so luggages need to be stored under the bed. Some Toyoko Inn branches do have cupboards in their room. The biggest one we had so far was in Hakata Eki-mae.

Standard size small TV, an empty mini fridge and a table. Certain branch has a humidifier in the room, small round table suitable to enjoy your food and a cupboard in the room.
Complimentary tea - green tea and plum tea. For me, I just make full use of the coffee machine at the lobby. If the branch didn't have coffee available at the lobby, there will be complimentary drip-on coffee sachets in the room.
No cupboard, just a place to hang our clothes. Having no cupboard did make the room look a lot bigger though.
Bathroom and the amenities provided. As you can you see in the photo, both the sink tap and the shower/bath tap shared the same pipe. I guess it help to save some space. The bathroom is small. But we love the deep bath tub here. It was very nice to soak in hot water with your body fully immersed in the water while you sit upright in it. Trust me.

We initially thought to stay here for a few nights and after coming back from Taenoyu Onsen, we had already booked rooms at Toyoko Inn Asakusa Komagata which we are more familiar with, having stayed there a few times before. But we managed to change our reservation and made this branch our base the whole time we were in Tokyo instead. The reason in the next post.

In the mean time, check out some of the rooms at other Toyoko Inn we've stayed in here.


  1. How much are these rooms? I think the room and amenities looked pretty decent except the no cupboard thingy which is something I am not quite used to. Would be good to at least have a small one for hanging up towels/clothes.

  2. Quite a nice hotel. Oh! Pyjamas provided? Well, as long as they are clean, it's OK! I won't wear any pyjamas even if they are provided to me in China! Haha!

  3. @Mei Teng,
    Double room was about 8,000yen per night. We got ours cheaper by 30% as Zaini is a Toyoko Inn Club Member when it's Sunday or a Public Holiday. Substantial savings there as there were 4 nights of public holidays while we were there (not including the weekends too)

    They do provide a rack and some hangers but that's about it. Can't hang all your clothes, so for us, we leave them in our bags.

  4. @foong,
    Most hotels we went to in Japan do provide pyjamas. The cutest one was at Nikko Hotel Huis Ten Bisch. Yellow pyjamas with his and her set. I was tempted to take them back! LOL

  5. Small and compact. I would be out sightseeing most of the time, a bed and a hot bath are what I need when I return to the hotel.

  6. @ECL,
    A bed to crash in, a bath to soak in and internet connection. That's all I need. :-)
    (oh, and free breakfast too).

  7. too bad no cupboard is provided in the hotel. it would be better to have at least a small closet to hang our clothes and blazers.

  8. I guess i'm ok without the little closet since they provided a hanging pole for clothes. I prefer to have a more spacious room when travelling so I can move easily most esp when I'm with hubs because of our scale difference! hehe

    look at that cutie tv raimie's so busy about =)

  9. @Life Ramblings,
    Some Toyoko Inn chains do have a small closet. But at this branch, they only provide a wall hanger and some clothes hangers. But it's OK. Still have place to hang our clothes, just no door to close it. :D

  10. @Ayie,
    I like more space too. With a closet, the room can feel pretty small.

    Raimie was always busy checking out the TV, every time he enters a room. He was pretty chuffed at Nikko Kawasaki. They have a huge LCD TV there! But more on that later on. (Much much later) :D

  11. no more stealing their mini bottles of shampoos and conditioners! hahhaah :P.

    no the cupboard concept is good.. eventually, it iars the clothes too :P. saves the room space!

  12. @ladyviral,
    true... cnot nick those cute bottles of shampoo and whatnot. but we got to take home plenty of toothbrush set. ;)


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