Friday, 9 October 2009

A Picnic Of Sorts - Having An Ekiben At Tazawako Station

And a time to enjoy Akita Komachi premium rice. Akita Komachi means Beauty of Akita and is both a reference to the fair ladies for which the region is known for, as well as its famed local rice.

The original roots of Akita Komachi derive from a well-known brand-Koshi-Hikari; as one of the highest quality of Japanese rice. Akita is one of the best suitable places for the rice fields in Japan and produces the highest quality choice rice in all over Japan, with fertile soils, pure fresh water fountain headed to its abundant forests. The rice's sticky texture stays the same when the rice gets cold. Of course this is great for onigiri (rice ball), sushi, or bento.

We took the Akita Shinkansen Komachi train, which was an all-reserved train from Ueno to Tazawako for our overnight trip to Taenoyu Onsen using our JR East Pass for the trip. This trip is fully covered using JR East Pass and Japan Rail Pass.

Leaving from Ueno quite early in the morning, we decided against buying any ekiben at Ueno Station or in the train and was hoping to check out the ekibens sold at the station's shops.

Our ekiben for the day. Limited choice for things to eat at Tazawako station, but this ekiben was a good one for us. Do note that the dumpling in this ekiben has chicken in it, for those avoiding to eat any meat.
We had lunch at the park just outside Tazawako Station, while waiting for our 1.13pm (or was it 1.17pm?) bus to Tazawakohan (Tazawako Lake). Look how interested Raimie was, checking his ekiben.


  1. Hello! I hope you have a great time in Tazawako!

  2. The ekiben makes an easy lunch meal on the go.

    I like the Japanese sticky rice.

  3. Waa waa waa...ada tar pau balik? :P

    hahaha. Guess Japanese really work work work :P Even eat while on the way to work :P.

  4. Hope you are enjoying yourself in Japan, by the way, my first time here, guess would be nice to wish you a great weekend before i leave,,,

    take care now and a great weekend,,,,,,,

  5. @TTA,
    Yep, we certainly had fun there! Wish we can return in future. :-)

    @Mei Teng,
    Me too. And the sticky rice makes it a good choice for eating on the go.

  6. @ladyviral,
    Wish we can tapau some back, but can get through customs or not. :D

    Well, when they are travelling far lah... on the local train, where got space to eat. Train so packed!

  7. @eugene,
    Thanks for visiting.

    We enjoyed our trip, that's for sure. Enjoyed Japan so much, we've been there six times.

  8. I hope to enjoy the ekiben one day!

    Wow! Received a comment from Tazawako Tourism Assiociation! : )

  9. @foong,
    Plan a trip to Japan someday. We'll be glad to be of assistance. :-)

    Cool eh? Pity cannot read Japanese because their website and Japanese blog were pretty cool.

  10. wow, a comment from Tazawako? how cool!

    the ekiben looks delightful but i wish you could enlarged your pics. :D

  11. @Life Ramblings,
    If you click on the photo, it'll come out bigger. I just don't want to post the photos big on my posts. Otherwise each of my post will be a mile long! :D

  12. I love eating ekibens when I'm traveling on trains. It shows that I'm on a holiday trip. hehe....

  13. @ECL,
    I absolutely agree! :-)

  14. I'll be exactly like raimie when i look at my ekiben too! hahaha!

  15. @Ayie,
    I was too... always can't wait to open up the packaging and dig in! :)


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