Thursday, 15 October 2009

Taking The Akita Shinkansen Komachi To Tazawako Station

I know this post should go up first before my posts on Lake Tazawa or those of Taenoyu Onsens (1, 2 & 3) earlier, but better late than never!
Going to Taenoyu Onsen (which I had put up a few posts earlier), we started our journey from Ueno station to Tazawako station on the Akita Shinkansen Komachi. A 3 hour trip that was covered by our JR East Pass that would otherwise cost 15,000yen. (And we got our 3-day JR East Pass for a mere 10,000yen & 5,000yen for Raimie). Do make sure to book your seat in advance if you plan to board this train as seats on all Komachi trains are reserved.
It is always fun for us to be on the shinkansen platform and see all those bullet train stopping, connecting and whizzing off. Of course, being on an outdoor platform is much more exciting than being on an underground platform like in Ueno, but we aren't complaining!
Here, the Komachi train was connected to the Hayate train for the onward journey from Tokyo to Morioka. The trains will then be separated to continue their journey to Akita and Hachinohe respectively.

The Komachi train; named for a famous and beautiful poetess from Akita, travel from Tokyo to Akita in about four hours with trains operating once an hour.
The Komachi train is a mini shinkansen, with only 6 cars.The interior of the Komachi train. Sitting in a shinkansen is always comfortable. And so much more room than in the economy section of an airplane. A coat rack, an overhead luggage area and a food tray to enjoy our ekiben and a snack trolley coming along selling food items and souvenirs. There were even magazines available to read during the journey. What more could we want?


  1. The train system must be top notch. I have only been on the bullet train and hardly remember much about that experience (I was 12 yrs old then).

  2. Look at the train... so much better than those in Malaysia. I was told that their trains are bullet trains. All the same?

    Reserved seats huh? Interesting. Least not like here... :P "MASUK LAGI! MASUK LAGI!" when there no more space... pffft.

  3. @Mei Teng,
    Aaahhh... pity. But you got photos of you taking the shinkansen or not? :-)

    We've been on countless shinkansens and still find them very exciting.

  4. @ladyviral,
    No lah, got bullet train for long distance travel. Got rapid train. Got limited express train. Got local train. So many trains servicing the whole Japan. And the price of course differs too.

    I'll post some more trains photos in future so you can compare. :D

    Anyway, if you travel during peak period, people do try to get into a full train and the train staff will help to push you in so no selfish ass can stand in the middle not moving when there's still space for ppl to go into.

  5. Wow! The trains in Japan are so amazing! Hope to sit on different types of trains in Japan one day! : )

  6. @foong,
    If you do plan to and travel all over Japan, don't forget to buy the one of JR passes. Can save you a lot for your shinkansen trips. :-)

  7. needless to say, japan has achieved greater heights in most field as compared to M'sia. we are so far behind them.

  8. @Life Ramblings,
    We should aspire to become world class. But we should change our third world mentality first before we aspire to follow Japan's lead. And reaching greater heights don't mean just having the biggest and the tallest.

  9. that's a great way to travel with much given comfort all in!

  10. Hi, I am going to Japan next weekend. I have already bought a JR Rail Pass but I was just wondering how you reserve your seats on the train and get your Rail Pass exchanged and stuff like that?


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