Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Another Dinner At Yayoi-Ken

Another dinner a Yayoi-Ken for us. This is a great place for budget conscious people who want good food at reasonable price. And you can find one almost everywhere. Everywhere we've been to, at least.Zaini's saba misoni. It had a rather sweet taste to it, so it might not be for everyone's taste. Certainly wasn't my favourite.
My shima hokke (horse mackerel) for dinner. The portion was huge. I had so much leftover despite sharing it with Raimie but luckily Zaini is always on hand to help both of us finish our food. This dish was really, really yummy. I ordered the same one a few times afterwards.
After a few days in Japan, I was beginning to miss spicy food. Worry not! There's shichimi (seven flavoured chilli pepper) available. I liberally sprinkled the shichimi on my rice. And believe it or not, I was missing my dose of kimchi too. Good news for kimchi lovers. Kimchis are readily and easily bought at most supermarkets in Tokyo.
Walking past a couple of supermarkets to our hotel, we can't resist buying some fruits there. Four huge nectarines for just 580yen. These nectarines would cost a bomb in Malaysia!

One beauty of staying in Asakusa, apart from being a quiet area was that the place has a very residential feel to it. This include easily accessible supermarkets at almost every corner which allowed us to buy our fruits, drinks, snacks and even packed food with ease. Buying stuff at these supermarkets was much more cheaper than hitting the convenience stores!


  1. the Shima Hokke looks good. I thought it was Unagi at first hahah! that was at first glance! Then realized it wasn't :P.

    Oh the yummy food.. I will so make hubby take me to Japanese food next trip I see him haha!

  2. @ladyviral,
    Yeay! You are first! :)

    It was good. I would love to try and cook them myself one day. :)

    Oooo... have fun with your future Japanese food outing with hubby! Let us see all the yummy photos. :)

  3. I woudldn't like sweet tasting fish too. I like savoury food.

    I ate at Yuzu (Mid Valley Gardens) last night. The food's top quality.

  4. @Mei Teng,
    Aaahhh... you went to Yuzu. A special occasion? What did you eat? Hahaha so many questions...

    Did you ask for discount? :D

  5. the horse markerel looks enticing. i've just taken my lunch and i'm starving again.

  6. @Life Ramblings,
    ahahaha... sorry to tempt you with another food post. :D

  7. Looks like you have been exploring the essence of home-made cooking of Japan! You must be very good at researching! I would really love to take you to our favorite places--- especially places that are not on the tourists guide books!!!

  8. @TTA,
    Credit have to go to my husband for all his research. :)

    I would love to go to visit your "out of the beaten track" favourite places. Might just seek you and take up your offer next year in Dec! ;)

  9. The fish you had really looks big, no wonder zaini had to help. More appetizing with that spice powder, you must be flaming after that! haha!

  10. @Ayie,
    It was big! Totally value for money. Lucky that Zaini didn't gain any weight during our trip, helping me and Raimie finish up our plates (or should I say, bowl?) :D

    Well, the Japanese chilli spice is rather tame for my taste but it help to satiate my cravings for spicy food. :P

  11. Seeing those food, I want to eat also! So delicious looking! Talking about sweet tasting fish, unagi also quite sweet right? I like unagi! So maybe I will like this fish too! Haha

  12. Your fish really huge, but I think I have no problem finishing it! LOL!

  13. Oh, Mei Teng went to Yuzu! Wonder if she took photos and write a post on it! : )

  14. @foong,
    Actually, yalar... unagi is served sweet but can tahan that one. LOL

    If served here, I bet nobody will complain about the serving being too small! :D

    Ya, I wanna see Mei Teng's take on Yuzu too! :)


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