Monday, 23 November 2009

Another Lunch Outing At Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

On Friday, we went to Raimie's school in the morning to attend his Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang (prize giving ceremony) as he got second place in his class. We then head to Gardens Mall because we wanted to watch the Astro Boy movie at GSC Signature and had an early lunch at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant. It had been sometime for Zaini to have lunch here, but I had one with Foong a few months back and some lunch outings with office people too.

Raimie goofing around while waiting for our order. He goofed so much, he spilled his cold green tea all over the table and soaked his seat cushion too and had to change seat!

Notice the watch Raimie is wearing? That's the Ultraman watch I got for him as a surprise present for doing well at school.

Our orders. We went for the set lunch. I had my usual, Sake Kabuto set (salmon head). Raimie wanted to eat unagi, so we chose the unagi set for him and Zaini went for the Sashimi Mori set. All yummy and cheap to boot! My set is priced at RM15.95 and both Raimie's and Zaini's are RM18.95 each (before tax, of course).

Raimie enjoying his unagi sushi and desserts. Yum yum...

When I asked for our bill, we were presented with a surprise (well, I kinda expected it to come but I feigned being surprised. LOL). Three desserts, one for each of us. Wasn't that just nice? They seemed to know that Zaini wanted to eat sesame ice cream because that was the ice cream served.

We had to rush a bit to finish our lovely desserts which was a pity but we had a movie to catch. I wish we can sit back and take our time to savour the ice cream.

How much was our lunch? A mere RM61.40 for our three sets (free desserts for us) and we were so stuffed that we didn't get any popcorns or drinks for our movie. Heck, I was still full, I had a light dinner that evening.


  1. ho ho! I am first hahaha!

    The food looks as usual... looks like you really enjoy eating at Yuzu. How is their Chawanmushi? It is smooth and thinly kind.. or firm type? :P

    or u just going to tell me to go try it out myself? hahaah

  2. @ladyviral,
    Movie was entertaining. Don't expect anything similar to the original anime though.

    The chawan mushi was indeed smooth. And yummy and no eggy smell that I don't like. I don't really like chawan mushi, but I'll eat them at Yuzu!

    Definitely have a meal there, LV! :D

  3. Hi Lina! I was in the middle of reading but then i looked at the time...yipes time to pick up hubby! will be back!!

  4. I like the ambience and food at Yuzu. The raw salmon I had the other time was really good quality...but not enuff for my big appetite for raw salmon..hahha.

  5. @Mei Teng,
    I like the ambience there too. Quiet and classy. :)
    Some more, the staff (Alex, Raymond and Lori) are always good to me.
    Maybe next time you visit, ask them to prepare a special salmon sashimi for you. They can and do oblige special requests that isn't in the menu.

  6. Raimie enjoying every bite!

  7. So nice to have the desserts, so the meal's complete!

    Raimie didn't get some scolding from mommy for being not so behaved?

  8. @Ayie,
    He made a sad face to us, how to be mad at him looking at that face? :D

    He was better behaved after that, especially when we told him that if he didn't, we might just cancel the movie outing!

  9. Yuzu again? And Sake Kabuto agasin? LOL!

  10. You watched Astroboy at GSC Signature? I love GSC Signature! Just watched 2012 there the other day : )

  11. I thought Zaini would be the one going for unagi? Haha! I just ate unlimited unagi last week at a Japanese buffet in Bandar Utama Centerpoint. Yummy!

  12. @foong,
    What to do. I like familiar thing and I do love their salmon fish head. ;)

    I love GSC signature too. Very nice place to have a movie outing. Not so crowded there. :)

    Well, like father like son. LOL

    Wah, you went to a Japanese buffett. So nice! Will we be reading about that soon?

  13. Oh what a threat! But I'm pretty sure you won't cancel the movie since you already paid for it right? hehe but good wa y to make him behave more =)

  14. @Ayie,
    sometimes a threat is just the thing to make one's child co-operate. ;)
    If he didn't behave, we do have to make good of our threat and give the tickets to my BIL who was nearby.

  15. I'm afraid the buffet was not that nice for me to blog. Besides it was a last minute thing and I didn't even bring my camera along!

  16. Yuzu is still better. But I ate lots of unagi! Just to make sure the price I paid was worth it! Haha!


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