Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Bento For Lunch And A Trip To Kasukabe

After our trip to the museum, we decided to head to Kasukabe in Saitama. Any Crayon Shin-Chan fans would know that Kasukabe is where the anime is set in and Shin-chan's creator, Yoshito Usui also lived in Kasukabe.A brightly coloured monorail plying the route to get to the Railway Museum and Omiya Station.
My lunch for the day - a bento bought from a nearby konbini. Delicious! Both Raimi and I had our lunch at the bus stop outside Omiya station. We were so hungry that we couldn't wait any longer and scoffed our food in a matter of minutes! Well, actually it was me who nearly had a meltdown due to hunger. Haha
Raimie had onigiri. He does love his onigiris, which is a rice ball. A great on-the-go snack.
At Kasukabe station. We went around the nearby area to sightsee. No, there's no Shin-Chan statues or whatnot to be seen anywhere, if anyone is wondering or looking, except for the odd Shin-Chan ad like the photo above.

We found an Ito-Yokado branch here and I went on a shopping spree. It's funny that for the past few years, whenever we went to Ito Yokado, I always ended up buying Hello Kitty undies. Can't find them during this visit even though Zaini wanted to buy some for my birthday. Pity...

We found some bargains for Raimie - Kamen Rider and Shinkenja t-shirts at a low price there. Just 300yen for a Kamen Rider t-shirt! We even got some souvenirs to bring back home cheap here, which some of you reading might have gotten them already by now.


  1. One time I almost grew faint (and weak) while driving home from work due to hunger. It was extreme hunger and the moment I reached home...I quickly wolfed down some food and felt much better.

  2. Too bad you couldn't see a Shin-Chan statue or maybe a mascot about :P.

    Oh Hello Kitty undies eh? Now I know what you wear inside hahaha! Don't worry I won't stalk your undies :P.

  3. @Mei Teng,
    Wah, felling faint while driving is dangerous. Lucky you managed to "tahan" until you arrived home.

    For me, if I was extremely hungry, I get super grouchy and mean. Not a good idea to be around me that time. :D

  4. @ladyviral,
    Never mind. Being in Kasukabe was exciting enough for the two Shin-chan fans. :D

    Yalah, now ppl know oredi what I wear underneath. LOL

  5. I thought the Hello Kitty undies were for Raimie. hahaha.... I went 'hmmmm.....' Sorry Raimie.

    I wonder what will my hubby say if he sees me wearing a Hello Kitty undie. kekeke...

  6. @ECL,
    If you wear them, make sure you jiggle your butt a bit. LOL. I got one with a huge Hello Kitty face right in the middle of the back of my panties. And I'm not shy walking around in them at the gym's locker room too!

  7. Your boys are enjoying so much!

  8. everywhere you go it's all about shopping as the trip ends =)

  9. @Ayie,
    Yes, they did.

    Yeah, what's a trip without a bit of shopping? :-)

  10. Hello Kitty undies? Haha! How come no longer on sale there?

  11. Hey, where's my souvenir? ; )

  12. @foong,
    Yep, Hello Kitty undies. And they are really nice and comfy to wear (apart from being obnoxiously cute. LOL)
    Maybe that particular branch didn't stock them up.

    Got... come over to MidValley lah. ;)


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