Saturday, 14 November 2009

Enjoyable Time At The Tetsudō Hakubutsukan (Railway Museum)

The Tetsudō Hakubutsukan or the Railway Museum is an interactive museum. There are plenty of exhibits that can teach us about all things railway and how it evolves throughout history.

The Museum had different zones for exhibits; History, Learning, Entrance, Park, Collection and North Wing.

For us, after spending a grand time checking out the trains on display, going into each of them, we went to the Learning Hall.

Raimie had fun checking out all the exhibits and being a train driver at the Learning Hall. Children will not be bored spending a day here, that I can tell you.

Plenty of interactive display to show how trains work so it was such a learning experience not only for children but for adults too!
There's a mini operating train area outside that you can ride for 200yen. We took the free mini Hayate train instead. The staff was sporting enough to pose for photos with visitors.

There were a souvenir shop and restaurants inside the museum but they were so packed with people, we decided against buying anything.

Why is it that souvenir shops in Japan are always so packed and Japanese shop for souvenirs like there's no tomorrow?


  1. i guess so much good stuffs to grab so people really make it a point they go and check!

  2. the mini train is cute so as the staff! kawaii!

  3. @Ayie,
    Truthfully Ayie, the stuff inside(cookies and whatnot - they are big on that)are pretty much the same, it's just the packaging different to reflect the particular place of interest. But you have to experience the rush to buy souvenir in Japan to be wondering why - it's like a mob!

    Yeah, the mini train is cute and we got to sit right at the front. I think even Zaini wanted to take photo with the cute staff, but didn't dare to ask me. LOL

    You have a great weekend too. Say hi to hubs and baby! :)

  4. The Japanese are obligated by custom to give gifts if they go somewhere. I just don't tell anyone when I go on vacation.

  5. This museum is so cool! I would have lots of fun visiting it!

  6. You didn't get a souvenir from the museum!? awww....

  7. @sixmats,
    good strategy. :D

    My husband always ask me to learn to keep my mouth shut and not tell the whole when and if we go vacationing. I always need to buy souvenirs for 50odd people. @_@

  8. @ECL,
    No, we didn't buy anything there. The queues and the crowd at the souvenir shop was rather intimidating. LOL

  9. The minin train they made, make it so real! Oh look at the train driver... so kawaii~ Now Who did we look at the most? The trains or the staffs there? :P

  10. Wah! Their souvenir shops so laku one? How come Malaysians souvenir not so lake?

    I think I would have a fun time in the museum too! Oh, and I want to have a photo of me posing with a nice Japanese lady! Of course, won't appear on my blog lah. Haha!

  11. @ladyviral,
    we should have more kawaii staff at museums. Then sure get plenty of visitors, esp from the dads. LOL

  12. @foong,
    like sixmats commented, obligation in buying souvenirs to friends and family. :D But yes, souvenir shops in Japan do have a booming business.

    Photo with A nice Japanese lady only? So restraint? :D

    One place to take photo with cute Japanese ladies (and where Zaini got almost a whole album full of them) is at Tokyo Anime Fair. Cute girls in costumes. I bet you would have fun there! *wink wink*

  13. Thanks Lina, I will!

    Oh you should've initiated Zaini to have his photo taken.

    How was your weekend?

  14. @Ayie,
    A quiet weekend, because it's rainy season here. Didn't go out even though we wanted to.

    I suppose I should have initiated it, but I was busy photographing my son and forgot about the dad! LOL

  15. hahaha poor daddy! we also can't enjoy the outdoors much here because of the freezing weather =( here alone at home it gets way too cold already. brrrrrr


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