Monday, 9 November 2009

"Makan" Club Outing - Lunch At Pasta Zanmai

Me and a few friends at the office have this so-called club that we call the "Makan" (which means Eat in English) Club. We contribute a certain amount of money each month and we try to arrange for a Makan outing every few months or so. Last month, we decided to go to Pasta Zanmai. I duly got a few Panora Magazines because there were discount coupons inside that we can use at the restaurant.
The gang, 10 of us and growing...
Happy faces with our respective orders. Most of us went for the set lunch that day which are a good value and we shared pots of tea. A pot of tea (RM3) is refillable and they do give extra cups for us to drink.

I had a busy time that day because almost everyone in the gang asked me about the menu and the food there. LOL

I was pleasantly surprised that the "old" staff were back at the restaurant. I ranted about the bad service Zaini and I received when we were last at Pasta Zanmai, with their batch of new, clueless staff in the restaurant and had not been back to this place ever since that visit.

Not only that our waiter (the cute one that I like too was back! Hehehe) was patient enough taking our orders - my friends are an opinionated bunch and they do like to query about almost everything, they obliged our request to split our bill 4 ways; because we have four RM10 discount vouchers from Panora magazine. So obliging of them. You bet that got favourable response from my gang.

Food as always were satisfactory. Certainly no complaints about it.

Great improvement on your service Pasta Zanmai! Keep up the good work.


  1. Happy faces everywhere!

    I have never been to Pasta Zanmai before. Always going to Sushi Zanmai haha. I think I need to try it one day :P.

  2. @ladyviral,
    Same management as Sushi Zanmai & Sushi Zen. Try lah one of these days. Anyway, if you go eat at these two places, try to find the Panora magazines (usually available at Jusco/Isetan/ any place where Japanese customers frequent) to get the RM10 voucher. Can save money. :D

  3. I miss such meal times with my friends and colleagues. It was a good time to unwind and get to know one another better.

    I'm too busy these days to even go toilet. hahaha......

  4. Can I join your Makan Club? Haha!

  5. So the service has improved from last time? Good for them! They better be when they have a customer like Lina! LOL!

  6. @ECL,
    Aiyoh ECL! So busy one! Don't "tahan" on your toilet trips ya...

    Sometimes so hard to meet up with friends for a nice outing nowadays, everyone is so busy. :(

  7. @Foong,
    I'm glad they've improved. Then I don't need to worry to recommend the place to people.

    I think they do take customers comments seriously, hence the improvement. Hope it'll last though.

  8. I like sushi zanmai. Have never tried pasta zanmai though.

    Having a food outing once a month or so is a nice bonding time for friends.

  9. Panora Magazine? I wonder if people tear them out and leave the magazine there after...

    I didn't know Zen Sushi was under them too? Aiyar means I went to eat once at Zen Sushi and thinking it is more premium than Sushi Zanmai? Yet the service sucks like mad.... :z

  10. @Mei Teng,
    You should try them one day. Yeah, an outing once in a while is nice to keep in touch with each other. :)

  11. @ladyviral,
    Hmmm... luckily never got a magazine without the coupons yet! Must be all those Japanese readers (and Malaysians too) are good enough not to do that. :)

    Been ages since I last went to Sushi Zen. I think it is a bit cheaper than Sushi Zanmai, but I like Sushi Zanmai better.

  12. That's such a happy eat out with friends, I miss doing that too. Hey you don't look like you gained weight over your japan trip.

  13. @Ayie,
    Believe it or not, I actually lost 3kg after our Japan trip. All the eating was set off against the walking and stairs climbing, I suppose. ;)

  14. what a fabulous outing. if i join your club, i bet i'll gain weight easily.

  15. @Life Ramblings,
    But yet, my makan club members are mostly consisted of petite members. LOL

  16. perhaps all the shopping! lol


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