Monday, 2 November 2009

A Malaysia Biggest Breakfast Meal At Mizu, Bangsar Village

A break from my Japan post this time.

On Saturday, Zaini and I went to Bangsar Village for the Mall's fund raising event, Malaysia Biggest Breakfast in support of the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM). A two-day event which was held on 31 Oct and 1 Nov 2009, the Malaysia Biggest Breakfast event saw F&B outlets in both Bangsar Village and Bangsar Village II sponsoring the breakfast sets available from 10.00am to 11.30am on the two dates. All proceeds from the sale went to NASAM. Customers needed to donate a minimum amount of RM15 and get a meal voucher.

Although there were so many restaurants to choose from (23 restaurants to be exact), is it any surprise that we chose to go to a Japanese restaurant? We made a beeline to Mizu. We even managed to persuade a friend to forsake Sakae Sushi and made her and her family chose Mizu too. Hehehe...
Mizu's entrance.
There were five breakfasts set to choose from; Hot Udon Set with Futomaki, Salmon Shioyaki Set, Saba Shioyaki Set, Unagi Set and Tempura Set. I went for the Salmon and Zaini went for the Unagi.

My friend on the other hand, ordered all the sets available for her family. No photos though. Not nice to hijack somebody's else breakfast time with my relentless photo taking. Hehe


  1. Aahh...I missed that! But I couldn't make it anyway since I have to work on Saturdays.

  2. what a delightful event and i like the idea where the proceeds would go to helping others.

  3. Oh it is near dinner time... and this makes me hungry... then again, I was already hungry to begin with!

    It is nice to do charity and have a good meal while at it :).

  4. @Mei Teng,
    Pity... but they had it on Sunday too.

  5. @Life Ramblings,
    A good idea and a good way for both customers and shops to contribute to a good cause. A win-win cause. :-)

  6. @ladyviral,
    so what's for dinner tonite? :-)

  7. You just came back from Japan and still crave Japanese food? Haha

  8. @foong,
    we crave Japanese food in Japan. Actually, if not for this charity event, Zaini won't set foot in a Japanese restaurant in Malaysia just yet!

  9. Hi Lina!! all your japanese craze makes me crave so much! few more months and I can eat so much jap foods again!

  10. @Ayie,
    And we can't wait to see your little angel when the time comes. :)


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