Saturday, 7 November 2009

Street Food At Yoyogi Park

Out of desperation due to the packed crowd that Sunday on Sep 20th, which happened to be a long weekend (Silver week) in Japan, we weren't able to find any decent place to have lunch that did not require us queuing for our seats. The huge crowd felt like the whole Tokyo population just came out to play outside that day. @_@

It was a really hot, sunny day and pretty soon we got a tired boy walking slowly, needing fluids to quench his thirst and food for his empty stomach. What to do when you are really tired from the hot day and all the eateries were jam packed with people? Out of desperation, we opted for street food. They weren't exactly cheap, but hungry stomach cannot be too choosy! And I'm not a nice person when I'm hungry, a fact that Zaini is fully aware of.
Yoyogi Park was abuzz with people on Sunday and more so that Sunday due to a Vietnam fair held there.

We just chose a quiet spot away from the Vietnam fair to have our lunch. After our walk in Shibuya and Omotesando, we had enough with crowds by now.Our lunch. Okonomiyaki, yakisoba and takoyaki. I'm sorely missing the Osaka takoyaki. Those takoyaki were sooooo nice!
We decided not to board the train at Harajuku because the station was already bursting with people and walked further ahead and use the subway instead. We made a stop at Yodobashi-Akiba and Raimie got to buy a few toys. A treat for him for being such a good boy today.


  1. Raimie so so lucky he got so much toys from mommy and daddy!

  2. the food you got are all good, very authentic jap yummies! ooooh takoyaki! i love eating that! i have yet to try okonomiyaki, nowhere to buy here.

  3. you are just like my bestfriend, gosh when she's hungry never mess around with her.

  4. Haha...I am not a nice person too when I am either hungry or tired/sleepy. The street food looked all right. It's good to sample local street food wherever you travel. Provided of course it's safe for consumption. Don't risk getting ill by dining out by the roads.

  5. @Ayie,
    These toys were promised even before we got to Japan. They were Ultraman and Masked Rider toys. :)

    Hahaha.. your bestfriend is also a grumpy gal when she's hungry. :D

  6. @Mei Teng,
    We'd better not travel together. Nobody to appease us when both of us are getting grumpy. LOL

    Yeah, have to make sure the local street food are safe for consumption otherwise, we'll pay for it! I don't want to make a hospital visit during my vacation!

  7. @Life Ramblings,
    and these delicious spread can be done at home too! :)
    (Well, except takoyaki, unless we have the takoyaki mould. Hihi)

  8. Oh I saw takoyaki! I love them takoyaki... since my husband introduced me to it... I always want it when I get the chance! And he loves it as much so we both are always snatching off each other hahaha!

  9. Wow Raimie got so much toys! Guess he is a happy boy now :P

  10. @ladyviral,
    You should try them in Japan. So much better than the ones we got here in Malaysia. :D

    I even told a friend who is flying off to Osaka next week, to get takoyaki once she gets there. Some more, even showed her photo of which stall to go to. LOL

    Yeah, he is happy. And we are happy too because he never really demand us to buy toys for him. Those were already promised to him and actually, we prodded him to buy more. He was happy with just one. Good boy, right? :D

  11. Wah! So many toys for Raimie! Such a big fan of takoyaki? So now I know, don't mess with Lina when she is hungry! : )

  12. @foong,
    those Osakan takoyaki were really nice... Big chunky octopus inside some more. Oooo yummm!

    Yeah, better don't be near me when I'm hungry lest I'll start behaving like Hulk. LOL

  13. Yea I know I told my husband about you posting up Takoyaki from Japan and I wanted some... He said "Those in Japan are so different! They are much nicer!" I was like "Yea I know... so when you sending me to Japan?" hahaha!

    Oh yes Raimie is a good boy. You both are good parents too :). Which is why you have such a great boy ^_^.

  14. @ladyviral,
    Hahaha... so is he sending you to Japan or not?

    I guess we were lucky he grow up to be a good boy. I can thank our good genes for that, eh? LOL

  15. very grumpy! that's why when I see signals that she is, i drag her to eat a good big meal =) It's like taking care of a little kid with tantrums! Well...I think I spoilt her too much. =(


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