Saturday, 21 November 2009

We Love Calpis!

One of the drinks available in Japan that the three of us love is Calpis. The name Calpis derived from word combination of calcium and "salpis", a sanskrit word suggesting the ripening and fermenting of milk, or refinement of flavor.

Yummy, milky drink with ingredients that include water, non-fat dry milk and lactic acid.

Some people say that the name Calpis sounded too much like cow piss... to which I agree. But that didn't stop me from liking this drink. Now... Pocari Sweat on the other hand, I had doubts drinking just because I always felt like I'll be drinking and tasting sweat once I chugged one; although it sure doesn't tatste like that. LOL

We decided on a splurge and went to Jusco to buy a bottle of Calpis the other day. (Seems like we are splurging quite a lot lately...)
That bottle in the first photo cost us 268yen (about RM10). A bottle in Jusco here in Kuala Lumpur will set you back RM19.90. Not bad lah considering these drinks came all the way from Japan but would you buy an almost RM20 of milky water? We did!

We bought some 500ml Calpis Soda a few days earlier (or was it last week?) that was on sale at 50% less (the drinks were nearing their expiry dates) and we just want to drink more so we got a couple more bottles a few days later.
Our latest acquisition : a peach flavoured & lemon flavoured calpis. Enjoy!

What's your favourite Calpis (or Calpico) drink?


  1. RM20 eh kat Jusco? oh ok...kena put that budget la kalau balik Adia suka Calpis juga...esp grape

  2. @HE,
    Yang ada perisa buah tu, RM16.90 sebotol besar. Yang botol kecik RM7.90. Kitaorg, nak save cost bila nak lepas gian, dok carik botol diskaun 50% off. Hehe...

  3. have not tasted this before... but looks like i should give it a try :). RM19.90? that is alot, but for something we can't get locally once in a while is fine :). Thanks for sharing will tell you how it is once i drank it.

  4. @ladyviral,
    yeah, if it's not made locally, then why not? Of course, can't afford them too often!

    Let me know how you like it. :)

  5. I have never heard of Calpis before. Never tasted it too. Hmm..I should give it a try someday. What does it taste like?

  6. @Mei Teng,
    like watered down, sweetened milk. :D

    You either like it or don't, I'm told but as for us, the drinks are yummy!

  7. Calpis = cow piss? Haha! Seriously haven't tried it before. Maybe should give it a try. I hope I won't spit it out! LOL!

  8. @foong,
    cow piss or anyone else's piss. LOL

    No, I don't think you'll spit it out.
    1. It doesn't smell like cow dung or taste like one
    2. Would you spit a RM20 drink?

  9. i love calpis.
    when we came back, we brought pati calpis (the one in carton as opposed to calpis water in the bottle)... i was told that one could try making homemade 'calpis' using yoghurt, sugar and lemon juice (as the recipe found here

    but of course it won't beat the real thing la kan? hubby, huzaifah, humaidi and i love calpis too :-)

  10. @AZ Haida,
    Maybe I can check out the recipe afterwards.

    Taste may not be the same, but for "melepas gian" I guess it wiil do. Right? :D

  11. i haven't heard of Calpis before. i'd like to have a bottle to quench my thirst though. hopefully, it will satisfy my taste buds.

  12. @Life Ramblings,
    The drinks are absolutely yummy. Of course, if you don't take milk, this is not a drink for you.

    Hmmm... maybe I should hold a Calpis initiation party and invite all my blogging friends over. :D

  13. this i never tried, nevermind the name sound! hehe

  14. Lina, you'll be surprised! I have spit out a very expensive herbal drink!! And it's definitely more costly than calpis! Haha

  15. @foong,
    so kaya... spit expensive stuff out. LOL

    The taste was so bad, was it?

  16. Not kaya lah, just cannot stand the taste! Haha


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