Monday, 7 December 2009

Mossy Splendour At The Rock Garden On Mount Mitake

Continuing our hike on Mount Mitake, we made our way to the Rock Garden after spending abit of  time at Musashi Mitake Shrine.

The Rock Garden is a narrow lush green valley with beautiful waterfalls, moss covered stones and rocks and gentle streams and is about 1.5 kilometers long from Ayahiro-no-taki waterfall to Nanayo-no-taki waterfall.
It took us less than an hour to arrive at the valley from the shrine, walking at a leisurely pace.
An awesome sight. We felt like we were transported to a different time, walking past this mossy part of the forest. It would be great to just sit quietly, savouring the scenery and let time pass by here.

We saw a few families and also school children with their teachers trying to set camp and were busy boiling water and cooking by the stream. While the water in the stream wasn't deep enough for a soaking wet time, the children were having fun by the river bank nonetheless.

From the rock garden, we descended and made our way back to the cable car station, stopping for a while at Tengu-Iwa Rock (Goblin rock).
There is a rope on one side of the rock to the top, to enable you to climb on the rock, which some visitors seemed to relish doing but we chose not to because the climb up the rock is not exactly suitable (or safe) for children. From here, we start our descend and made our way back to the cable car station.

We finished our hike by 4.00pm and made a return journey back to Tokyo. Just like the bus trip from the train station, our return trip saw us queuing in a rather long queue. Raimie by this time was pretty tired and he kinda dozed off while waiting for the bus. Poor Raimie. Lucky we managed to get seats but Zaini gave his up for another family with a small boy.

We didn't manage to get a seat for Raimie on the train so we had to cajole Raimie not to fall asleep again, despite him whining a bit about being tired. I don't mind carrying him when he's awake, but it sure is hard to carry Raimie when he's asleep. He'll be flopping everywhere and become "lembik".

We managed to perk him up a bit with a promise to eat dinner at Denny's. So, Denny's was our next destination.


  1. These rock gardens are stunning. I love hiking through these natural wonders.

  2. Nice rock garden! My kind of place, haha!

  3. I can just stay there for hours! : )

  4. oh looks absolutely refreshing! I would love to stay there for a long time!

  5. @poetic shutterbug,
    me too. It was really nice to walk around in silence while watching nature in awe. :)

  6. @foong,
    Yeah, it would nice to sit and watch nature. Unfortunately, I was unable to do that but I do get to view an awesome sight. :)

  7. @ladyviral,
    me too! And be transported to a different era. I felt like I was in feudal Japan while walking along the mossy rock garden.

  8. Was it a tough hike? Looked like rocky terrain.

  9. @Mei Teng,
    No, it wasn't a rough hike although you can choose a harder trail if you want to. We hiked on a much easier trail because of Raimie.
    There's a path at the rock garden, but you still had to be careful!

  10. Such a scenic view! I love nature walks. Gosh, you are making me itch to go Japan. haha....

  11. @ECL,
    If I make you wanna go Japan, I'll be happy that you feel that way. :D

    So, when are packing your bags? Hehe

  12. It's sure tiring for a little boy but it's good that he experience such thing. The photos make me hear the gushing waters. This is a very fruitful trip for your family!

  13. O.O nice view.. so serene..the view is really calming me down.. haha.. nature walks.. i seldom hav a chance to go for 1.. should plan for it. ^.^

  14. @Ayie,
    It was a bit tiring for Raimie but I do know that he enjoyed the hike too!
    It was a grreat trip for us. :)

  15. @Cassie,
    You totally should. Nothing beats being close to nature. :)


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