Sunday, 20 December 2009

My Favourite Korean Variety TV Show

is KBS' Happy Sunday; 2 Days 1 Night show, much to Raimie and Zaini's chagrin. Why? Because I'll laugh hysterically all through the 70 minutes program. I usually laugh so much, I can't breath. Yes, it is that entertaining.

The premise of the show is Kang Hodong and five other members; Eun Ji Won, Lee Su Geun, Kim C, Lee Seung Gi and MC Mong together with  the dog Sang Geun, take off on a memorable road-trip around Korea and shows the viewers of the different interesting places to visit in Korea.

I don't watch much Korean TV shows before this and I do admit that I actually loath Korean dramas because I feel they are too sappy. Yes, I hate Winter Sonata, thank you very much. But their Korean variety shows are a different matter altogether. Another favourite of mine is Happy Together.

I really become more interested in Korea because of their variety shows and am warming up for their language too. If you want to check what's the hooha about the show, check it out here.

Actually, I wrote about how both Zaini and I develop a love affair with Japan and we attributed it to a J-drama titled Over Time aired on NTV7, 7 or 8 years ago. And now I'm falling in love with Korea through the variety shows. And currently I'm obsessed with SS501 too. I'm watching and listening to Love Like This over and over. :D

Any of you become obsessed with a certain country because of a TV show?  Do tell.


  1. We have the Korean TV channel Arirang. Do you have it, too? It's a global channel promoting Korea, it's really good. You have a lot of showbiz plus videos of all the current stars, talkshows and even drama. It's great and it also made me interested in Korea. And I love Kim Ki-duk's movies, highly recommend. :)

  2. @MKL,
    We used to have it, with a cable TV channel that already became history. :D
    At the moment, I'm just happy I get KBS to watch. :)
    I'll check the movies out. Thx for the recommendation.

  3. I hardly ever watch variety shows. Don't know why but I just cannot see myself sitting through a variety show. But I love cooking and food programmes. They never bore me. Except I strongly dislike Hell's Kitchen.

  4. @Mei Teng,
    I can't stand Hell's Kitchen either. I like certain food programs and I sorely miss a Japanese food program that was on Astro previously, Dosanko cooking.

  5. I don't watch much TV nowadays, Lina, except for some HK-TVB drama DVDs. That also, I watch while blogging, haha.

  6. So this Korean show really funny? Yes, I also feel Korean dramas too sappy. Don't like Winter Sonata - why is it so popular?

  7. Are you going to like Korea more and Japan less? Oh NOOO!!!!

  8. But I like Korean songs and Yiruma is my favourite composer/pianist : )

  9. In any case, Korean actors/actresses are better looking and better at acting skills than Malaysian actors/actresses.

  10. @foong,
    Hilariously funny. Most of the variety show are rib tickling funny. :) And yeah, don't know why Winter Sonata is so popular.

    I'm equal with my love of Japan and Korea. :D
    True, their acting skill are way better.

  11. I love korean shows, just so hilarious and their comedy is really something that can make you laugh!

  12. I watched quite a number of korean soaps and movies already...I lie the cute korean actors and actresses =)

  13. @Ayie,
    Yeah, the Korean actors and actresses and singers too are sooooo good looking. And their comedy/variety show - just so hilarious.

    I love the Korean guys so much esp the young idol groups (read:boy bands) and kept playing the music video over and over, that I think Zaini got jealous. LOL

  14. Anyone knows where i can get some of the music played on 2days 1 night? can email me:

    thanks! :)


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