Saturday, 5 December 2009

A New Tub Of Kimchi!

Kimchi has been an important item in our grocery shopping list for a while now. I am quite fond of putting kimchi into my Tomyam flavoured maggi mee (instant noodle) to add more zing to it, and to add some fire if I cook anything not spicy. There are non-spicy kimchii out there, but I love those fiery red ones best!

Kimchi is a traditional Korean pickled dish made of vegetables with varied seasonings, and is the most common form of "banchan" or side dish. Kimchi contains a high concentration of dietary fiber, low in calories and rich in vitamin A, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), calcium, and iron. But as in all things, eating them in moderation is advisable because of the high-sodium content. A new tub of Chongga Kimchii. Damage to our wallet : RM25.90 for endless fun in eating kimchi. hahaha This tub should last us a month.
Lunch for the family. Sake kamameshi (salmon flavoured rice with vegetables), simple telur dadar or omelette and a side dish of kimchii. A international meal that represent 3 countries - Japan, Malaysia and Korea. ;-)

Am going to cook kimchi jigae next time! Oooo yumm.


  1. We had a whole week of kimchi last week after having thanksgiving with my husdband's korean aunt

  2. I am not too fond of it but I'm acquiring the taste now. Happy weekend to you and your family! Finally friday here too!

  3. Kimchi is great in soups. I also love adding it to nabe (making jigae). I sometimes add it to stir fries.

  4. @Ayie,
    Your hubs has Korean relatives? So cool! :)
    I'm currently in a "love all things" Korean mode but sadly, the only thing Raimie and Zaini like about Korean is the food. I'm trying to brainswash them to love Korea so that maybe we can plan for a trip to Korea someday! LOL

  5. @sixmats,
    Definitely great for soups. :)
    Hmm... never put in to my stir-fries, maybe I can try them today. :)

  6. I do a little kimchi when I have Korean food but am not really a fan of it.

  7. Hi lina! It's been a while since I lurked around.. I love KIMCHI too.. but not sure whether I can eat now.. any advice? I aint sure it's good for the baby... =)

  8. @Mei Teng,
    I think kimchi is an acquired taste. :)
    Zaini wasn't much of a fan earlier on, but he enjoyed them now no thanks from over-exposure from me! LOL

  9. @Cindy,
    Hi ya Cindy! Saw you put up two new posts. :) When are you returning to Malaysia?

    Hmmmm... I don't know, for me I think I'll avoid the kimchi for the time being.
    Any Korean food experts here?

  10. Oh so you are fan of kimchi too! I'm not a big fan but I don't mind eating them : )

  11. Somehow I am not fan of Kimchi :/.

  12. Aiyah! Both foong & ladyviral not a fan of kimchi. LV, you do eat them, don't you when you are at a Korean restaurant?

    Otherwise, better for me if we go out. I wallop all the kimchi! LOL

  13. Anyong ha seo!

    A trip to korea is good, so many good sceneries like Japan too.

  14. @Ayie,
    I'm beginning to be fascinated with Korea but unfortunately Zaini didn't share the same enthusiasm. He already told me that if I wanna go to Korea (instead of Japan) I have to find my own travel partner!

  15. lina, I'll be back in March... after my vacation in LA =)

    I was wondering.. those pregnant ladies in Korea.. I'm sure they won't stop eating their staple food even though they're pregnant..

    But of course, they have been eating Kimchi since young... so it's still quite different from our culture..

    and to my surprise, I get a nausea feeling when I smell kimchi, lately.. HAHA.. so i guess I'm not touching that in the meantime! =)

  16. one more thing.. I'm so gonna ask the doctor whether I can eat natto when going for checkup tomorrow.. I kinda missed natto and I heard it's safe for pregnant ladies to eat natto (well, at least to the Japanese)...

    i hope i'll get an "OK" from him.. =)

  17. @Cindy,
    If you cannot stand the smell now, I guess you won't be eating them soon!

    I hope you'll get a green light from your doc to eat natto. :)

    You'll be in KL anytime when you are in Malaysia?

  18. then go with us instead! lol

    me and hubs even my bestfriend want to travel all over, visit all possible countries in time


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