Sunday, 27 December 2009

Ramen, Kimchi And Some Mabo Tofu For Lunch

I like going to Ichiban Ramen. Food may not be up-to-standard or special to some people, but for me; for the price that I'm paying, this is a good place to enjoy ramen. Also the outlet is a Halal one. Not all ramen outlets/Japanese food restaurants in Malaysia are Halal, you know.

Good food here and good service too. Can't miss with that. We went to Ichiban Ramen for lunch after our shopping for Raimie's school item during Jusco Cheras Selatan's J-Card Members' day and it was really madness there. Luckily the restaurants were not packed as Jusco itself. I guess everyone was busy shopping instead of thinking about eating. Haha

I love the decor there. Usually we don't sit at the tables with chairs, preferring to sit at the "sunken" seats area but they were full when we got there.

This is one place that we observed that has low staff turnover. Most of the staff there are familiar to us. That and they are able to converse well, taking orders and recommending menus. Not many outlets even have competent staff nowadays which is a pity. How does a restaurant provide good service if the wait staff can't talk to the customers?

Kimchi fried rice and mabo tofu for me. I love, love, love mabo tofu. Yummy, yummy.

Beef ramen for Zaini. We can't eat ramen in Japan, so we only get to enjoy ramen when we are in Malaysia. Their ramens are good and the portion generous. For RM15.00 for a big bowl of ramen, it was good value.

I don't know how a "real" ramen taste like, but I like the ramen variety offered here. The soup is always nice and flavourful. Yummy, I tell you.

And a 'girly' Happy Kid Set for Raimie. Girly because the  tray is pink and has Hello Kitty. This is a new item in their updated menu. Usually we just order some Japanese fried rice for Raimie. Nothing special, just rice, fish ball and sausage with a mango pudding and orange juice for the set, but a kid would be happy having this.

A meal for three of us, with 10% discount as J-Card Member, we only paid RM49.50. Not bad. The important thing was, my stomach was contented. :)

Writing this post, I got hungry again. Gotta look for mabo tofu now!


  1. Haha...I guess you're probably right about those shoppers being too busy shopping to be thinking about food. I dislike all those mad and crazy sales period where the whole place is packed with people and all you see is a sea of people!

  2. @Mei Teng,
    I dislike crowds too, but the things I endure for a bargain!Too much a sucker for all those Jusco vouchers we get to redeem after a hard shopping day. LOL

  3. How come you can't eat ramen in Japan? That's the place to get authenic ramen.

    There is a few good ramen restaurants in Singapore. Come over, I belanjar. :)

  4. @ECL,
    because most if not all ramen soup base are of pork. There are soup base made with fish or chicken or beef, but it may include lard in it or contain pork slices. So rather than making an investigative inquiries at ramen places, we just take the easy way out and avoid them.

  5. I am one of those people Lina who think more of shopping than eating but I toned down a bit now since I have to feed my growing boy.

  6. i bet raimie happily ate his kiddie meal, it's cute!

    i never had the chance to sit by the sunken area just yet because hubs prefer to just sit where the tables are =P

  7. all those times never tried ramen in japan? well maybe next year?

  8. @Ayie,
    No Ayie, a bit too hassle for us to even think of eating ramen in Japan because we do need to check the ingredients.
    I'll just settle for Malaysian ramen.

  9. Pity you can't taste the authentic ramen in Japan. Anyway, I guess this is the best you can get right?

  10. The kimchi fried rice and mabo tofu looks really delicious! Yummy!

  11. @foong,
    yeah, this is the best we can get and we are not complaining. :)
    The fried rice and mabo tofu were indeed yummy. You should try them. :)


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