Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Snacking In Disneyland

Eating at Disneyland can be an expensive affair and for us, we decided against going to the many restaurants available in Disneyland and had snacks and light meal instead.

A salted popcorn for the boys. You don't get salted popcorn for sale much in Malaysia.

Fancy a curry popcorn? Don't have this at the Mamaks, you know. Haha

A pumpkin churros afterwards

An ice cream break. A single scoop for Raimie and a double for Mom and Dad.

And pizza afterwards. Junk food galore the whole day. Now that's what I call fun!


  1. It's more fun eating junkies when you're in theme park =)

  2. Hi Lina!! just sneaking for now...busy bee today!!

  3. @Ayie!!!
    You've been quiet for sometime.... :)
    Busy with Christmas preparations?

  4. I don't like salted popcorn! I like mine sweet! Cos sweet tooth what! Haha

  5. Curry popcorn? You got try or not? But one thing I know Japanese not very good at making curry. Leave that to Malaysians! LOL!

  6. Wow! Junk food whole day! Should lah since you are at Disneyland. After that, can eat back normal food : )

  7. @foong,
    Salted popcorn is nice. The curry flavour is Japanese curry style, but I don't know how it taste like since we didn't buy one. There are other funly flavour too such as black pepper popcorn. :D

  8. Oh yes...salted popcorn isn't the norm here. I remembered a friend telling me about salted popcorn when I was in college and I was like..what?! We have always had sweet ones here.

    I still prefer the sweet version though :)

  9. @Mei Teng,
    Because we all used to the caramel popcorns, I think. :)

    I kinda like the salted version. It was light and a bit guilt-free for me. LOL

    I wonder, did you have any of those pepper, salt or curry popcorn when you went to Tokyo Disneyland, years ago?

  10. sodappnyerr estemm tewww.. ehehe

  11. busy with many things here, work basically. It's consuming my time =) I'm also working on my package for my family and almost done, the box is basically full with tiny spaces left =)

    I haven't done my Christmas emails yet too....ooohhh I'm so late =)

  12. @en_me,
    tu belum tengok gambar bapaknya makan ekrem. Ramai yg terliur dibuatnya. LOL

  13. @Ayie,
    Your family will be happy with your Christmas package, I bet.

    Take it easy OK, despite being busy. Mommy has to have her rest too. Otherwise, baby in tummy might throm tantrum. :D

  14. What guilt free? Eat more salt, higher blood pressure. Eat more sugar, get diabetes. No escape lah, Just enjoy your life : )


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