Thursday, 21 January 2010

A Close Encounter With Ultraman Mebius And Empera Seijin

Going to Ultraman Club, in Namco Wonderpark Heros' Base in Kawasaki, Raimie wouldn't miss meeting his favourite heroes at any cost!

For us, the main highlight of going to any Ultraman themed places is meeting the Ultra Heroes themselves, be it at Ultraman Festival, Ultramanland, Ultraman Stadium, Tsuburaya Jungle or here at Ultraman Club.

The stage area

The staff setting the mood for the appearance of Ultraman Mebius battling Empera Seijin. Just look at the kids' concentration.
The appearance of Empera Seijin to battle Ultraman Mebius, right in front of the children. For any Ultraman fan, you can't get anything cooler than this. The "live show" went about for a few minutes with plenty of tumbling, fighting and lighting effects, much to the joy of the kids.
Raimie being "protected" by the staff member against any attack from Empera Seijin.
As expected, Ultraman Mebius won the battle. After Empera Seijin was gone, it was time for Ultraman Mebius to teach the kids some cool moves and gave some advice. Children, listen to what Mebius has to say now. :)
Then, it was time for group photo. There was no individual photo session with Mebius, so everyone had to make do with this group photo session.
And all too soon, it was time to bid "sayonara" to Mebius.

Was Raimie happy? Definitely! It's all worthwhile taking this trip from Tokyo to Kawasaki. Heck, we made our way to Kyushu the last two years to visit Ultramanland and even traipsed the countryside to go to Terai in Komatsu, Kanazawa for Ultraman Stadium, you know!

But maybe, he'll get way too cool and big to be such an Ultraman fanatic in years to come. Well, he still has his Kamen Rider that he love.


  1. I am Benghui. I like so much to go

  2. @Benghui,
    Can, can. Ask Daddy to take you for a treat for being such a good, hardworking boy. :)
    Can go with Raimie also. He wants to go there again this year. :D

  3. wow...I see those people went all the way in entertaining true blue Ultraman fans! :)

  4. @Mei Teng,
    The staff at Ultraman CLub (esp the guy there) are definitely the best!

  5. Looks like the kids had a great time and an experience to remember forever with a keepsake photograph of their hero. Nice costumes!

  6. Wow! If I am a kid and an Ultraman fan, I will surely remember this for a long long time!

  7. wow, how fun is that! not being an ultraman fan, i would still love to see him in person! :D

  8. @AVCr8teur,
    Awesome costumes those people have one. And indeed a great experience for my son.

  9. @foong,
    You bet! Raimie still remebers his first Ultraman Club visit in 2006, meeting with Ultraman Xenon.
    The Ultraman "dukung" him some more. That's something a kid will remember for a long time. :)

  10. @levian,
    It was quite an experience because the people at Ultraman Club sure know how to put a show. :)

  11. It must be great for the kids to see such enthusiasm and energy at the live show. how cool!

  12. @life ramblings,
    The staff really made sure the kids had a good time. Cool indeed!

  13. Cool, great time for kids!


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