Monday, 18 January 2010

A Japanese Food Court Experience In Kawasaki

Still writing about our visit to Kawasaki...

We learn early on, on previous trips; to always take whatever promotional handouts given out because some of them might actually save us some $$$. That and the packets and packets of free tissues readily given out in Japan, though a friend who just came back from a trip there complained that the free tissues handouts had lessen considerably now.

We wouldn't have known about the Eki Cafe at Kawasaki station or be interested to check the place out if not for the coupons being given out to commuters and passers-by at the station. Those are discount coupons to be used at outlets in the food court.  The food was reasonably priced and we ended up visiting the food court twice while we were in Kawasaki.

Travelling all the way to Japan, I had bibimbap for lunch in a Kawasaki food court. LOL I didn't order any drinks because water was free here.

A nifty little device that lets you know it's time to collect your food. It will beep (and continue to do so) when your food is ready to be collected. No need for the shop owner to holler for you! Just hand back the device and you get your food.

Raimie had two shrimp onigiris (rice balls). Here in the photo, he was on his way to eat his second onigiri.

Udon for Zaini. The portion was HUGE! He had two different sets on our two visits. The second one was the cheaper one with the voucher we got and there was free carbonated drinks thrown in too.

Food was good and the price was better at this food court but having to share eating space with smokers wasn't exactly a nice experience. There was a section for smokers and one for non-smokers, but you'll inevitably go in the smoker's section to make your way to order your food. Needless to say, although we enjoyed our food, we didn't linger here.


  1. The little beeper that signals your food's ready is a clever invention! :)

  2. @Mei Teng,
    It truly is. It'll be great if we have one of those at our food courts here. :)

  3. i wouldnt mind enduring the smoke just to order and then enjoy the wonderful food in the non smoking section

  4. @bengbeng,
    You see the lady in red in the photo of Raimie eating his onigiri? That's the non-smoking section. We were seating in the smoking section. Not much difference, IMO.

  5. Wow! I like that device that tells you to go collect your food! Wish we have such a device here!

  6. Travel all the way to Japan to eat Korean food? Haha. But the bibimbap looks delicious!

  7. @foong,
    That was a convenient device. No need to hog the stall counter to wait for your food.

    Yep, the bibimbap was absolutely delicious. The best I had so far. :)

  8. I kinda missed the udon in Japan now that I'm in LA... (sob!) they just weren't good enough!!

    Anyway, forgot to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you have a prosperous and blessed new year with your family and loved ones!

  9. @Cindy,
    And same here in Malaysia! I miss Japanese food in Japan. No matter how classy the Japanese restaurant I went to in Malaysia, a simple Japanese meal in Japan still rank higher for me. *sob sob*

    Happy New Year to you and your family too. Take care. :)

    p.s. no wonder lah you go eat Japanese food with your family in US. LOL

  10. That food-ready device is cool. I've only come across it once here (in a cafe) though not everyone uses it properly. The food looks great.

  11. Btw, the title of your blog is kinda cute, "Japan mad family". LOL!

  12. @HappySurfer,
    A cool device if not used properly is not cool anymore. Food was great and yummy. And cheap too (cheap by Japan standard lah) XD

    Well, we went to Japan for 6 years (almost back to back) for nothing! We are mad about everything Japan. :D

  13. the beeper reminds me of my nice experience at the cathay pacific lounge in HK where you order the food, and take away an electrical device which flashes when your food is ready. I thought this was a superb idea, and in five minutes you get to enjoy the yummy food. :)

  14. sometimes smoking section is meaningless cos the whole area uses the same aircon system :)

  15. @life ramblings,
    It is a superb idea. No need to crowd the counter or second guess when our order is ready.

  16. @bengbeng,
    True lah. Same air circulating. :(

  17. oh that lighted beeper thing, i like it when our food is ready and its all lighted and beeping! makes me rush to the counter coz it's gonna be annoying for a while! lol

  18. @Ayie,
    Hahaha, yeah the thing beeping and flashing was annoying so I had to rush to pick my order too! :D
    But that's the purpose, right? XD


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