Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mozuku For Dinner

Continuing on my Kawasaki trip posts.

Wandering around the Kawasaki station area, looking for a place to eat and what do we find? Another branch of Yayoi ken! If you read my earlier posts, you would've known that we love Yayoi ken for its good food, generous portion and most of all, affordable price.

We had our usual order, which was either a grilled saba, sanma or shima hokke for dinner. What makes this dinner special was that I finally get to try mozuku. I've always wanted to try them ever since I saw it in a cooking show called Dosanko Cooking and also on Kak Lela's blog some time ago. I didn't manage to try them while in Asakusa as the Yayoi ken there seemed to be always running out of this particular dish.
Mozuku is a kind of seaweed and is usually served with slightly sweet vinegar. This dish is refreshing and I think is perfect to be eaten on a hot day. Zaini on the other hand, was not too keen about this dish so I happily slurrrrrped the mozuku myself. Yummy!

Do you know that it was discovered that mozuku contains carotenoids which act to stop the natural death of cells affected by cancer cells. All the more reason for me to eat this. :) Would you try this if you get the chance to?


  1. i most definitely would if it keeps cancer at bay

  2. Seaweed is one of the most common dishes that Japanese people eat with every meal. is mozuku commonly served in japanese restaurants? i'd love to try this someday.

  3. @bengbeng,
    Good for you. :)

    @Life Ramblings,
    I'm not sure if mozuku is readily available at restaurants because the places I went to, it wasn't always featured in their menu.
    And I think this dish is a summer dish. It wasn't on the menu at Yayoi Ken (the place we went to) during our visit in Spring 2008.

  4. I would most definitely like to try mozuku! And it's such a healthy dish! Yummy!

  5. @foong,
    There are pre-packed ones at Jusco, but don't know whether it's any good or not. :)

  6. I love seaweed! Yum yum! Love it as it is, with sushi, in steamboat, love love! My mom can't stand the fishy smell.. Dono why.. :P

  7. @Angel,
    Some people can't stand the smell. Sayang... They're delish! :)

  8. hahaha so you got the dish for yourself!

    looks like not for me too if the smell is strong =P

  9. @Ayie,
    the smell wasn't bad - I think it's muted due to the vinegar inside. It's a nice dish, you gotta try it. :)


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