Saturday, 2 January 2010

Namco Wonderpark Hero's Base in Kawasaki

After checking-in and resting a bit in our hotel room at Kawasaki Nikko Hotel, we went venturing out to the nearby shopping malls and made our way to Bandai's Namco Wonderpark, which is located within LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza. The amusement centre features 5 zones; Namcoland Kawasaki store, Heros' stage for live shows, C2 Factory Kawasaki capsule toy & character shop, MAGmani Kawasaki shop selling books, CDs, DVDs & games and most important, for us at least; Ultraman Club.

Arcade games galore here to suit all ages and taste. We saw little children and old ladies alike being engrossed with their games of choice. A haven for those who just want to sit and stare at screens. See the big Ultraman head? That's where we were going.

We were there on a Friday (Sep 25th to be exact) and saw a group rehearsing for their show over the weekend so we got to see a free performance (sort of).

Next up, M78 shop and Ultraman Club!


  1. Wow...old ladies engrossed in games! Hehe...

  2. So did you go play the arcade games?

  3. @Mei Teng,
    Yeah, only in Japan. (I think) :D

    we did. We went around and found a couple of tokens left behind and we played using those tokens! LOL
    (That's what we usually do at Genting too. Kutip left tokens. We are sad, aren't we?)

  4. I like ultraman when i was young too. My cousin will cut off their pictures in Japanese magazines for me:)

  5. My kids suka sesangat tempat ni...kwang kwang kwang

  6. @Su,
    Kitaorg, bukan takat anak yg sorang tu je yg suka. Mak bapak pun suka. Muekeke

  7. Wow! Collect used tokens? Sad! Sad! Haha! How come I never find left over tokens at Genting? Lagi sad!

  8. @foong,
    Train your eyes to be alert to see leftover tokens. LOL
    And don't be shy prowling at the arcade! :D
    We are sad, and proud of it!

  9. weee arcade games, i love playing arcade!


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