Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Nikko Hotel Kawasaki For A Night

For our trip to Kawasaki, we booked a night at Kawasaki Nikko Hotel. Now, this might sound like a splurge for us, but we got our room for just 10,000yen per night. That was the rate offered for a double room for JMB (JAL Mileage Bank) members. Furthermore, as I paid the room with my JAL coupons that I redeemed with my mileage points, the room was literally free.

The Kawasaki Nikko Hotel. A convenient hotel to get to from Kawasaki station as it was just a short walk away and we didn't even need to cross any roads to get there.

We got there early at 11.00 am, with the intention of leaving our bags first before returning to the hotel later because check-in time is at 2.00pm. The reception desk staff was nice enough to check whether our room was available for our immediate check-in. Unfortunately it wasn't but we were informed that we can check-in half an hour later. Now, that's nice right? So we decided to walk around a bit at the mall adjacent to the hotel before returning to the hotel later.

After spending a night in a small room at Nikko Ginza Hotel, we were pleasantly surprised with our really, really nice and comfortable room in Kawasaki. We had an double room with 32" LCD TV - there was an option for the TV room or a bigger desk space room for businessmen needing to finish their work in their room. The best feature of this room was the really, really comfy sofa. Because the double bed was somewhat small especially when sleeping with a rather "lasak" boy and not wanting to have his feet up in my face, I slept on the sofa and I slept well.

The array of glassware in the bar was impressive and I lost no time brewing coffee. Wardrobe size was bigger than the Nikko Hotel in Ginza. And the pajamas provided was pretty comfy.

But what impressed me the most was the toiletries made available. We don't get to stay at luxurious hotels much outside of Malaysia, so what we got here was enough to make us happy. They were generous with the toiletries too! We actually used only the  facial foam that was provided in a big bottle for our shower & bath because we wanted to bring back all those nice, little toiletries back. LOL

I think that the bathroom and sleeping area used to separated by a see through glass (open concept room) but it was covered or plastered over. A pity because I would love to have a view of Kawasaki clear blue sky from my bathroom doing whatever I need/want to do in the bathroom. *wink wink*

Apart from the bedsheet with a hole right smack in the middle of the bed (shouldn't housekeeping notice that? Or didn't they think a particularly observant (read fussy) guest would notice a holey bedsheet?), our stay at Kawasaki Nikko was a great one. I love being able to sit on the sofa enjoying the great view outside while sipping my coffee and clad in just my bathrobe. After spending nights after nights in small rooms at Toyoko-Inn (not that there's anything wrong with Toyoko-Inn), being able to spend a night in a big, comfortable room with big LCD TV with plenty of channels to watch from, was really awesome. But I do miss the big hearty (and free!) breakfast at Toyoko Inn.


  1. Hold it right there Lina, it's hard to get everything as in all of the best in both worlds! haha, nice room but holey sheet or small room but hearty big breakie? pretty hard to choose I bet!

  2. @Ayie,
    Well, I can get all the things that I want, but then I have to pay a premium for them. :D

    Time for lunch here now. :)
    How's Mommy and baby doing?

  3. what a comfortable looking room, especially that bed. haha. aw, you are such a cool mum, letting you boys had the bed while you had the sofa. i imagined wanting to be able to see the sky/outside while taking a shower. it will be so cool! :)

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  5. Wah! So nice, got free room!

  6. Wah! So nice got LCD TV and comfy sofa. No wonder you don't mind sleeping on that sofa, haha!

  7. Wah! Got hole in the middle of the bed. Haha, OK this is not wah! anymore. Did you make a complaint?

  8. Too bad you couldn't view the blue sky from your bathroom, if not you could've done what you wanted to do. Hahaha!

  9. @levian,
    I didn't mind because the sofa was really nice and comfy. Anyway, I got my notebook and wasn't planning to sleep for long. So, give the bed space to those who appreciate their sleep the most lah. :D

  10. @foong,
    I don't complain if I don' pay for them using my own cash. :D

    The room was nice. Quite sad to be checking out from the room the day after that. :D

  11. What a beautiful looking room! Except for the hole in the sheets! Did you have them replace the sheets?

  12. @lynne,
    No I didn't. Like I said to Foong, I'm way more lenient and less fussy when there's no involvement of $$$ from me. :D

  13. mommy and baby are doing fine, I also got your sms =) baby's been moving all day and quietly sleeping too at night! I hope his sleep pattern will not be altered so no prob when he comes out =P

    happy weekend dear! hugs!

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  15. Hi! I have never been in Kawasaki, but everybody told me is an excellent place, like you do. Your hotel is really beautiful, how lucky you are! But I cant complain, I´m staying in buzios this summer. Bye!


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