Friday, 15 January 2010

Ultraman Club At Hero's Base

With the M78 shop in Namco Wonderpark in Lazona, Kawasaki is also Ultraman Club. Essentially a play gym with Ultraman theme,there are stage shows potraying selected Ultra Heroes on roster there. The two days we were there, there were shows by Ultraman Mebius and Zoffy.

A staff promoting the coming shows and enticing both children and parents alike to enter. He's good with the kids too.

The Hero of the day, Ultraman Mebius.

At the counter. A 30 minutes play time was 500yen per child and 1 adult get to go in free. Extra adults were charged 300yen per entry with the child. Children get to choose a crew vest to wear inside the club. For Raimie's first visit, he chose a Crew GUYS uniform (the orange vest) and for his second visit he chose Ultra Garrison (UG) vest. This is one boy who not only know all his Ultraman and their signature moves, he knows of the crews and their uniforms, the aliens and mosnters too. Encyclopedic knowledge if Ultraman facts ever gets into encyclopedia. Hihi

Inside the gym. There's an area for toddlers and bigger kids and a stage area. Raimie made new friends in no time at all (those two Japanese boys in the photo) and pretty soon they were blasting balls killing off monsters which incidentally was the friendly staff standing outside earlier and running around together. My hats off to the staff who really knew how to play along with the kids. That three boys (Raimie included) were shrieking with joy and excitement trying to "kill" him off with him rolling over and stomping here and there.

Also available was a video game area, with the latest Ultraman games installed for kids to enjoy. You bet Raimie had fun there too.

After so many days with just Mom and Dad, it sure is nice for Raimie to be around kids his age and playing around.


  1. shrieking with excitements, he must be having lots of fun running around "killing" the "monster"! he sure looked like he was enjoying himself in the photographs. :)

  2. Ultraman haven! :)

  3. @levian,
    he was on cloud nine! :)

    @Mei Teng,

  4. this must have been the highlight of the trip for Raimie

  5. @Bengbeng,
    Definitely. And one of the reason why we made six trips to Japan already. :D

  6. Hi Lina!

    such a good experience for Raimie, being an only child he also needs to be around some other kids aside from school. =)

  7. enjoy your family weekend!

  8. @Ayie,
    Being an only child, despite doting parents can be rather lonely.
    And imagine just having your parents to talk to for two weeks! That's why playtime with other kids is important in our vacation itinerary. :)

    Have a great weekend too, Ayie!

  9. There are such cute places for kids in Japan. Wish I had brought my son there when he was younger.

  10. @ECL,
    Raimie will outgrow this too pretty soon.


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