Sunday, 17 January 2010

Warming Up To More Korean Dishes

I'm starting to love Korean food more and more nowadays. Zaini and Raimie are not total converts yet, but I'm optimistic that Raimie will not resist so much when I wanted to go to eat Korean in future (he resisted becaus ehe equates eating Korean food as going to the very friendly Korean lady stall at Food garden in Gardens Mall. The lady never fails to chat with him and he was kinda shy about it. That and the fact that Korean food is spicier than Japanese food). Zaini on the other hand doesn't mind too much as long as it's not Chinese food. LOL

Didn't stray too far looking to satisfy my Korean cravings though. Ample place at MidValley and Gardens Mall to enjoy Korean food. This time, we head to Ko Hyang at Gardens Mall.

Ko Hyang, located at LG floor at Gardens Mall. It's located beside San Terri Cottage and is opposite Cold Storage. Friendly staff here and efficient too.
 A big mug of tea for us and generous amount of banchan.
Our dinner; spicy squid with rice and seaweed soup for me, kimchi rice and seaweed soup for Zaini and bibimbap for Raimie. Raimie and I ended up switching rice bowls afterwards because Raimie seemed to be more interested in my rice than his bibimbap.
A total clean up of everything. A delicious dinner indeed. Our dinner just a little over RM50.00 which to me is not that bad or expensive considering that we were really full.

I'm not yet familiar with Korean food and taking baby steps in enjoying them. So far, we only went to food court and to Ko Hyang. Perhaps one day we can go to a good Korean restaurant. But, I have to find a Halal Korean outlet first! Any recommendation here in Klang Valley?


  1. I am not a total convert too. I love Japanese food more! :) Just a little over RM50 for 3 persons is very reasonable.

  2. hmm... my family likes going to bee won in ampang korean village. never heard of halal korean restaurant unless it is in hotels!

  3. i am afraid my wife is like Raimie.. i just cant persuade her to go .. too spicy she said :)

  4. @Mei Teng,
    Yep, very reasonable. That and coupled with their cheerful, efficient staff this place is a winner. :)

  5. @renaye,
    that's why. So hard to find a Korean place to go eat for us. Got Korean restaurant in hotel?

  6. @bengbeng,
    How about you. Can tahan spicy food? :D

  7. i think some hotels do have but i'm not sure which hotel in KL. and most korean restaurants i know of are not halal.

    have fun searching!!

  8. Hmm no recommendations, but I am starting to like Kimuchi a lot. I never really liked it before because the stuff I ate was a cheap and bad. But I found a really nice brand recently :p

  9. @renaye,
    I'll definitely have fun searching and eating Korean food.

    Hi Hi Hi! Been so long since last heard from you. :D

    Yeah, a good brand is crucial. There's a local brand kimchi available at supas here, but they pale in comparison of the imported kimchi we bought now.

  10. Have you tried Go-Gung at Gardens? Some people told me they serve very nice Korean food but it's very pricey!

  11. Haven't tried Ko Hyang - maybe should go there one day! But I admit Korean food very spicy. At the moment, I still prefer Jap food : )

  12. @foong,
    Because I read that Go Gung is a bit pricey, I think I'll wait a bit. Not sure if can afford to go there. Even the tea (teabag) is expensive right? :D

    You know, when I was in Japan, there were times when I was actually salivating over Korean food because I wanted to eat something spicy. LOL

  13. we just had korean dishes for last night's dinner also in the foodcourt after the ultrasound =P

  14. @Ayie,
    That's nice. How was it?
    Did you print any u/sound photo? :)


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