Saturday, 9 January 2010

Weekend Posts - Books, Souvenirs And A Giveaway

I got two new books for my reading last week. Two cookbooks to be exact. I love these two books because not only it contains recipes but also information on Japanese and Korean cuisine too. A good insight for me towards understanding the two countries and their food culture.
And I can't wait to try out the recipes soon! Wish me luck though.  I'm not a good cook, with or without recipes to refer to. :D
A friend who came back from her holiday (cum belated honeymoon) in Japan got me a souvenir. A pack of daifuku. Daifuku is a Japanese confection, a glutinous rice cake filled with sweet filling. This one that I got had cream filling. Raimie was so happy eating, he ate three in matter of minutes! Yumm!

Yesterday, I went to MPH again and got myself a Malay novel. This novel is pretty special because it was written by Kak Lela or Hajah Halela of Awan Okinawa Berlalu of whom I had been reading her blog for quite a while now. I bought an extra book which I plan to give away to one reader.

Open to anyone, anywhere but you do have to understand Malay language to try. Just answer one simple question and the first person to answer correctly will have this book sent over to him/her. E-mail me the answer (just click on my profile for my e-mail address).

The question is : In what month and year did the writer of Pulut Sakura, Serunding Kasih climbed Mount Fuji? A hint: shimmy over Hajah Halela's blog and go to posts under Travel. I'll announce the winner in two weeks' time.


  1. So you're gonna make some sushi soon? ;)

    I used to make sushis few years ago but have since hung up the sushi rolling mat. Very tedious job.

  2. Dear Lina,

    Pulut sakura is daifuku wrapped in sakura leave with red bean paste hehehe.

  3. @Mei Teng,
    I leave the sushi making to the pros. :D

    @Kak Lela,
    Sou desu ka? :D
    Everytime I eat them I'll think of you and your novel. :)

  4. I enjoy Japanese and Korean cuisines. all the best in your endeavours Lina. the daifuku looks delicious and Raimie is making me hungry. i'd love to have a bite if i can.

  5. @life ramblings,
    I'll try my best with the recipes. :)

  6. lina: the answer to your question - Kak Lela climbed Fuji-san in August 2007.

    heheheh :-)

  7. @A Z Haida,
    heh heh... kena hantar answer to e-mail tau!

  8. somebody win already?

    i like the bbq and dumplings for korean dishes and sushis and almost every jap dishes. Goodluck! I want to try your homecooked meals!

  9. Haha I bet Raimie's short hair is because of school again =)

  10. @Ayie,
    Well...someone got the answer within minutes of my posts actually. :D

    I like Korean jigae and for Japanese food, so far I like them all. :)

    Yeah, had to cut it short for school. But I like him with longer hair.


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