Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Asakusa - Night Shots

Asakusa is a quiet place come nighttime. A complete opposite from the hustle and bustle during day. The place is however, although not as trendy as other parts of Tokyo; is by no means dead. In the back alleys, there are entertainment halls showcasing local comedians and even adults theaters. Do you know that Nakamise Dori was originally a pleasure district during Edo era?
Kaminarimon (Thunder gate) devoid of tourists
Same goes for Nakamise-dori. When the shops were closed, you can enjoy the colourful shutters, portraying Edo period.
Other shops were closed too
As with Kappabashi-dori which went dead by 5.00pm

But fret not, plenty of watering  holes for you to wind down and enjoy a drink or two (or ten!). Plenty of place to find something to eat too.
Not too sure where this troupe is heading. To a nearby theater for a show maybe?
Fancy a yakitori?

At night, when Zaini ventured out alone for his "me time", Raimie and I love to have a walk around the area. And I love spending time at Rox, a department store nearby. I can find affordable clothes in Rox too! There used to be an Ultraman Club there, but it had since closed and moved to a new location. Way back in 2006, we would let Raimie spend a few hours at Ultraman Club almost every day when we were in Tokyo.


  1. so many Japanese terms.. the only word i know is sukiyaki which is the name of a song :)

  2. @Bengbeng,
    That one old song wor...
    Sukiyaki oso is a food item. :)

  3. ROX used to be our usual hang-out since Huzaifah was fascinated Thomas The Tank Engine display on the Ground Floor. I used to have ROX Member Card - usually collected points by spending at The Daiso on ROX 3 - pity no points for shopping at Seiyu though...

    Sometimes hubby and I used to take Huzaifah and Humaidi on a bike ride after the shops were closed - so the pics really brought back a lot of memories of the place we used to call home...

  4. @AZ Haida,
    Raimie used to loves playing at the Thomas the Tank shop too. When we went in Sep last year, the shop was no longer there. :(

    I used to tell Zaini, if ever we get to stay/live in Tokyo, Asakusa would be my first choice. I love the place. :)

    How come lah, never bump into you all these time when we were vacationing there, ye? So near yet dop far! :D

  5. Ooo... I kinda miss their NINGYO-YAKI (人形焼き) ... =)

  6. Shops close at 5pm too? I thought that's during winter? I am not used to shops closing at 5pm..hehe.

  7. @Cindy,
    Was it nice? Haven't try any in Asakusa. The only Ningyo-yaki we got was the Doraemon shapes ones. :D

  8. @Mei Teng,
    I'm not used to shops closing early too!
    Imagine even department stores closes early - some at 8.00pm.

  9. Nice photos. So not very happening place at night. So did you go for any adult show?

  10. @foong,
    what! And leave Raimie behind alone at the hotel? XD

  11. well they all tasted the same, actually, regardless of their shapes.. =)

  12. @Cindy,
    OK. :)
    Of course, anime inspired ones would be more of a hit with children, right? :D


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