Thursday, 18 February 2010

Having Lunch And Dinner At Sushi Zanmai

After having a light meal at Sushi Zanmai earlier, I just can't get out the awesomely fatty tuna taste that lingered in my mouth from my mind. What to do? A revisit to the restaurant, that's what! This time, we went during lunch and dinner (yes, two visits on the same day) That's how good the sushi were. If you have budget constraints, better don't go eat sushi there early in your trip or you might end up coming here everyday and blow your budget eating everything!
This time, instead of sitting at the counter watching the chef in action, we sat at a table. Just fill up an order form on which items you want and the quantity and pass it to a waiter. You can always ask the waiter's help if you are unsure about ordering. They were friendly, cheerful and really helpful despite a busy restaurant.
The reason we wanted to sit at a table this time was because we were feeling quite conscious about taking photos under the watchful eyes of the chef. Not that they didn't like it because they didn't say anything or look annoyed - more like curious at us, acting like typical tourists.
Raimie's lunch - salmon roe maki sushi at 250yen. You get to choose to eat it temaki style too. He had a light lunch because we bought something at McD for him earlier (and gotten Yatterman toys with the Happy Set too).
Mom and dad had these. Snow crab at 198yen apiece, fatty tuna at 198yen (normal price 398yen), sardine (I think) - can't remember at 98yen, egg at 98yen and last but not least seared fatty tuna at 198yen (398yen normal price). My mouth and stomach were really happy that day.
Then, for dinner we went to the restaurant again. The restaurant's exterior at night. By this time, the waiters recognized us already. LOL
A dinner feast for us. We ordered seared tuna (198yen), egg (98yen), scallop (198yen), fatty tuna (198yen), salmon (98yen) and a set of chirashi sushi course. Rice topped with fresh prawns, sardines, tuna, squid, eel, eggs, salmon roe, etc and came with a big bowl of miso soup at 1,480yen. It was sooooo yummy.


I have to warn you though. After eating good sushi in Japan, you'll probably end up comparing any sushi served back home infavourably. Zaini absolutely refused to go to Sushi King nowadays! :D 


  1. Itadakimasu!!

    heheh though I don't eat much raw foods lina =P

  2. semalam baru makan sushi. Osihikatta!.

  3. @Ayie,
    Me neither back home. But the sushi in Japan are so awesome, you forget they are raw. :D

  4. wow...yet another feast at your blog!:) Haha...Foong had a feast too.

    I think there's no way our local sushi can compare to those in Japan isn't?

  5. @Mei Teng,
    It's feasting time now. :)

    So far, haven't had any experience in Malaysia that can rival the food we had in Japan. All the more reason to make a return visit, I say! LOL

  6. I think I scared to visit Japan already cos if tasted japanese food, would not want to eat japanese food in Malaysia!

  7. I also don't really like Sushi King anymore! : )

  8. I've never eaten in the same place twice in a day before! Haha!

  9. @foong,
    Even if the standard not as good, once you start having cravings for Japanese food, I guess you'd go to a Japanese place even in Malaysia. I know we did. :D

    Haven't set foot to Sushi King for quite some time already.

    Me neither - eating at the same outlet twice. But one thing good, we got recognized and I love getting recognized one.... ^-^

  10. wow, what a delightful spread. :)

    i guess you can't go wrong with eating sushis in Japan. it's the best and incomparable with any other sushi you get elsewhere in the world.

  11. @Life Ramblings,
    Definitely. How to go wrong eating the food from where it originates. :)
    I'm missing those sushis everytime I look at the photos! XD


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