Friday, 5 February 2010

An Oden Adventure In The Back Alleys Of Asakusa

Planning our trip, we had in our must-do list, a visit to a famous oden place in Asakusa, Otafuku which was nearby to the Toyoko Inn hotel we were staying in. But as luck would have it, the few times we went there, the place was closed or closing!

After a couple of unsuccessful tries, we kinda gave up. Zaini and I decided to just walk around the area, and went into a shop that didn't look too intimidating (i.e. no crowd) for a taste of oden.
The sign that read "ODEN" and something else that I can't read. :p

Although this shop was nearby Nakamise-dori; a tourist trap, no English was spoken at all here and no English menu either. We were greeted by a rather gruff lady proprietor who told us there's no rice in the shop. After assuring her that we were actually wanted to try the oden, we were waved off to a seat.
Upon seated and suitably refreshed with a hot towel, we were served soft boiled eggs. Choosing from the selection of items simmering inside the broth, we went for chikuwa, daikon, tofu and vegetable balls.The oden pieces served were huge! None of them puny oden pieces sold at konbini here.

Instead of a glass of beer or some sake, we only asked for mizu (water) which I think made the lady owner a bit grumpy. Where's the profit in serving a glass of tap water, right? LOL

The lady proprietor left us alone most of the time except for the time when we called her to order more items. But she chit-chatted a bit with me when she presented us with our bill. She thought that we were Chinese or from China (yes, this was common for us in Japan. We were always thought to be Chinese), but when I told her that we were from Malaysia, she was really interested to know whether Malaysian loves to eat oden. Well, I wouldn't say all Malaysians loves oden but we certainly do!

I've tried making oden at home, but I guess I still have a lot to learn. It doesn't taste anything like the ones we had either in Asakusa or the ones we had at Japanese restaurants in Malaysia!


  1. it is so difficult to get the taste to be similar to what we have at the restaurant or stalls. that part i agree most. :p

  2. I have never tasted oden. Oden is a combination of all those items mentioned in your post? Are there any restaurants serving good oden in KL?

  3. @levian,
    we are not professional chef. :D

  4. @Mei Teng,
    Yes, and many more. It's like our yong tau foo, I guess except that the stuff were left simmering in the vat unlike yong tau foo where it got dipped after you choose what you want to eat.
    Oden here is quite expensive. I'm particularly fond of eating them at Mizu in Bangsar Village.

  5. I don't particularly like oden, I won't pick it unless there's no choice. I still prefer our yong tau foo. :)

  6. Japanese food is pretty expensive, not just in Japan but in Singapore too. Taiwan has some very good Japanese restaurants though.

  7. i've not tasted oden before. i would love to try this specialty someday.

  8. @ECL,
    Yong tau foo... I like oso. :D

  9. @Life Ramblings,
    Yes, should try them one day. Preferably in Japan. ^_^

  10. Never tried oden before! Is it really nice?

  11. @foong,
    my sis who never ate Japanese food before we took her out to a Japanese restaurant like it just fine. :)

  12. looks like a place I should try and visit when I get to Japan.

  13. @Jamaipanese,
    definitely. Oden and have some drink with your buds. That'll be fun. :)

  14. @Bengbeng,
    if go to a Japanese restaurant, why not try them. :)


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