Friday, 12 February 2010

Sushi Zanmai For A Snack

There are plenty of sushi restaurants in Asakusa (what do you expect kan? This is after all, Japan. XD) but contrary to what people think - that we eat sushi and more sushi everyday when in Japan; we've only been to a sushi restaurant a few times there. Just read about our previous food adventure.

Not all sushi are created equal and not all sushi place the same. We found good value at Sushi Zanmai. Traditional in style with no surprises and definitely fresh sushis here.Sushi Zanmai has 29 locations in Tokyo so no problem finding an outlet for your sushi gastronimic experience. Check out the Sushi Zanmai link for more info about other outlets.
The exterior of the restaurant. The sushi selection available are prominently displayed so we can roughly calculate how much damage our meal there would be before entering. There was a promotion of tuna sushi being offered at half price, so of course we wanted to try the tuna!

On our first visit, we sat at the counter. Ordering from the here was easy because we had direct interaction with the sushi chefs. Just point at whatever picture of sushi you desire (complete colour menu available-no English though) and they'll make it for you. If you are sitting at the table, just fill up the order form and pass to the passing waiters.
Sushi chef in action. They talk, they banter and they take orders too. A laid-back atmosphere at the restaurant. The chefs and one of the waiters are family (if not siblings) I think, because of the similarity of their facial features. Well, I didn't ask although I wanted to.
On our first visit, we went there for a snack so we didn't order much.

I had a uni (sea urchin), otoro (fatty) tuna and (ika) squid. The fatty tuna normally cost 398yen but there was a half priced promotion for tuna going on so it was only 198yen. Uni was 398yen per piece and ika was 98yen. No fishy taste or fishy smell. Just absolute heaven, the tuna literally melt in my mouth leaving a "buttery" (for lack of word) aftertaste. Yummy! I was already craving for more the moment we stepped out of the restaurant.

Zaini had a piece of huge unagi (eel) at 400yen per piece. Soft and flavourful.

Like most restaurants in Japan and unlike most Japanese restaurant in Malaysia, ocha (tea) or mizu (water) are free.


  1. Oh my gosh! Like I said... I so missed those ORIGINAL japanese sushi! Here's it's mostly avocado (groan) ... haha... But can't eat too much now.. (sob!)

    oh and by the way, I've updated my blog about the baby! Check it out! =)

  2. @Cindy,
    Not only you! I'm sorely missing those too. Can't look at the sushi available here the same after trying the ones in Japan.

    Cindy - Happy Chinese New Year to you and family.

  3. ditto on missing sushi as they are served in japan. not only for snack/lunch/dinner, we even used to have sushi for buka puasa sometimes (and sushi was among the delicacies served during Japanese Muslim Association open house on Eid)

    huzaifah used to almost lick his plate clean when he had sushi back in tokyo. he used to love the tamago sushi in japan - soft, tender & 'buttery' - but here, the egg sometimes is so 'rubbery'. Eek!

  4. wohoo, i can eat sushis again

  5. I have never eaten sea urchin before. Do they taste like jellyfish? I am not into jellyfish-like kind of textures.

    Hey, our sushi zanmai here in MidValley is quite all right too. I like the salmon (raw) don.

  6. @AZ Haida,
    I can eat sushi morning, noon and night too. :D

    I do agree on the tamago. Not only rubbery, they can be too watery too here!

  7. @Ayie,
    Great! :)
    Planning for a sushi outing soon with your hubs and baby soon?

  8. @Mei Teng,
    I love jellyfish. :)
    But no, sea urchin doesn't have a jellyfish (chewy) like texture. More than anything, the texture to me is like a puree of a particularly delicious fish. I was so happy eating uni there because uni is so expensive here in Malaysia.

    Sushi Zanmai in Malaysia pales in comparison to Sushi Zanmai in Japan, but yes, they are quite alright compared to other similar joints here.

  9. yum yum.... authentic Japanese sushi! I could eat a lot.... even when snacking. :P

  10. The huge menu in front of the restaurant. That is a clever marketing. I would stop if I were walking by the restaurant.

  11. @ECL,
    Me too. :)

    I agree. That's what made us stop too - because of the huge menu.

  12. @Ayie,
    Post some photos when you do! :)

    BTW, r'cd ur SMS. Good to hear from you.


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