Monday, 8 February 2010

A Trip To The Record Store And A Cardboard Box

After our trip to Kawasaki and Raimie meeting up with Ultraman Mebius and Zoffy, we head back to Tokyo. With the few days left in Japan allocated for shopping, we went to Shibuya for the second time of this trip.

I had an important mission that day, that was to secure a few CDs for a special blogging friend. Zaini needed to buy a big box (I mean, really really big one) to put our shopping in and wanted to look for them at Tokyu Hands. We actually found a box that meets our requirement at a shop in Kappabashi but as luck would have it, the shop was closed the day we wanted to make the purchase. With the vacation almost ending, a safe bet to find one was at Tokyu Hands and the easiest for us to reach to was the one in Shibuya taking one train at Tawaramachi station to Shibuya station on the Ginza line.
A busy intersection in Shibuya
The boys listening to some songs. We tried looking for some CDs at the smaller record shop in Asakusa but couldn't find them. Fortunately they were available at HMV and bigger stores in Shibuya.
Looking at some Ultraman DVDs. Unfortunately, we didn't buy any because if we did, we can't understand the story much. No subtitles! XD

We also had fun waching Yatterman movie trailer while in the stores. 
And getting a couple of CDs

We were in Shibuya for just a couple of hours. We went back our hotel room after we purchased our big box. A huge cardboard box for just 570yen sure beats having to buy another set of luggage that cost a few thousand yen.
Zaini lugging our newly purchased box to the train platform. Tokyu Hands staff wrapped our box so nicely instead of just slapping a "PAID" sticker on the box that it looked like a present instead of just a wrapped package. One reason we love Japan so much. Excellent customer service, even if your purchase is less than 1,000yen.

We always buy boxes for our excess items that can't be fit into our existing set of luggages. That way we don't bring extra bags into Japan or have extra bags to think about while vacationing. Japan Post (JP) boxes are particularly sturdy. We still keep the boxes to put stuff in it!

In 2008, we got ourselves three JP boxes to bring back with our stuff and one of the boxes contained only Ultraman merchandise for Raimie!
It was after lunch when we head back to Asakusa. For lunch, we had sushi at Sushi Zanmai in Asakusa. I had a snack there a few days earlier, and the taste of melt-in-my mouth tuna lingered and I've been wanting to return for more sushi feast. That post, soon.


  1. Do you check in those boxes when you fly back? I usually bring along a soft handcarry bag for shopping when I travel. I will carry it on board the flight home.

  2. @Mei Teng,
    Yes, I checked-in all those boxes. Unlike others, both Zaini and I hate handcarry luggages to take on board. We were lucky none of our bags went missing so far! :D
    Hard to have handcarry when travelling with a small child, BTW. XD

  3. u know Ultraman can be found on the net.. no need to buy.. but the boxes seem a cool idea

  4. @Bengbeng,
    I know I know. Downloaded many oredi. But for serious fans, oso wan the DVDs wor... :D

  5. Raimie must be on cloud 9 to bring home a box of Ultraman merchandise. he's so fortunate to have such a generous mom. :)

  6. @Life Ramblings,
    Not so generous lah... he doesn't get to buy any of those back home even though they are available here. :D
    He's been wanting to buy the latest Ultraman figure - Ultraman Zero & Belial but we have yet to agree to purchase those. I even asked him to wait till our next trip! LOL

  7. Oh! Those boxes are a good idea! Didn't think of that!

  8. Being a regular commuter on Ginza line for more than two years, I could not help noticing that you wrote Tawarachi instead of Tawaramachi, hehehe... (a friend would point out that this might be a sign of OCD)

    Sushi Zanmai!
    Now, who's making who feels hungry?

  9. @foong,
    If you "borong" things like us but then don't want to waste money on luggages, I think you'd think of those boxes too. :D
    But then hor, if you bring in boxes and boxes of stuff - Customs will be a bit "rajin" to scan your things instead of not bothering when you passed through at KLIA. XD

  10. @A Z Haida,
    Didn't notice the wrong spelling until you pointed it out.
    Actually I can be quite OCD about spelling too... just yesterday I was grumbling to one of our a/c exec who wrote a note to send "dairy" instead of diary to a Banker. I sarcastically asked her since when our company supply "barang tenusu" LOL

    I only mention about 1 food outlet. You mentioned about lots of yummy Japanese food items. No fair! :D

  11. nice post.. nice experience. I feel good to read this

  12. so lina this is that part of the story....


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