Thursday, 25 February 2010

Yakult For Me!

Yakult is a pro-biotic drink from Japan with a strain of good bacteria; the Lactobacillus. Drinking Yakult stops the growth of harmful bacteria, protects us from infection, helps digestion and absorption of food, produces vitamins and stimulates the immune system.

In Japan, Yakult is acknowledged by the Japanese Ministry of Health as a "Food for Specified Health Usages" with approved health claim "The Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain reaches the intestines alive, so this product maintains good health by increasing beneficial bacteria, decreasing harmful bacteria and improving the intestinal environment".

How do you get your daily dose of Yakult?
From the supermarket? Fixed price at RM3.99 (price increased already. Used to be RM3.89) at our local supermarket. 10 sen increase because I guess for a pack of 5 bottles of Yakult, they need 1/2 a kilo of sugar. Hmph!
From the vending machine?
Or from the friendly seller in your neighbourhood like this one we found in Osaka? Even big, tough boys drink Yakult.

One for you? XD


  1. i love yakult Lina but too expensive here to get a pack...

  2. i finally found a way to be on computer with baby not calling me to be on bed with him...i work with him sleeping on my lap =P and he's very sound asleep...

  3. Oh Ayie, you should've sms me - maybe I can go online and spam Lina's blog!! Hahaha!

  4. So Lina, Yakult better or Vitagen better? I used to drink Vitagen but not anymore. I have tried Yakult too. Nowadays, I take probiotics supplement from Amway. Cos it's travel friendly - no need to keep in fridge and prevent stomach upsets : )

  5. So they increased the price because of sugar price increase? I already expected that!!!

  6. Yakult o_o! I only drank Yakult once... I didn't really went for another after because it was too sall and insufficient for me! I would need 5 bottles! :P

    But yes Yakult is nice... Of course I am taking Probiotics now so Yakult isn't a neccessity for me now :).

  7. @Ayie,
    Cute.... Baby on lap and mommy playing her lappie. XD
    He's gonna get bitten being online none too soon, watching his mommy.

  8. @Foong,
    I like Yakult better. :)
    I remember buying vitagens from school when the vitagen van came calling.
    Do they still have that now,I wonder?

  9. @LV,
    1 is not enough for me too!

  10. Can't remember if I have ever tasted Yakult before. But I loved vitagen.

  11. I love Yakult! I always buy from supermarkets though, coz they're way cheaper (especially in packs) ...
    Ooo.... kinda missing Red Bull too... (can't drink it now since it has too much caffeine)... =)

  12. I prefer Yakult. It sells cheaper in Malaysia.

  13. @Mei Teng,
    Vitagen is sweeter. :)

    I can't drink Red Bull! Too sweet! :D
    Zaini loves it though.

  14. @ECL,
    Ha, then buy and drink more in Malaysia.
    It is cheaper to buy here than buying them in Japan too.
    A pack of 5 cost around 200yen in Japan IIRC.

  15. Yakult is a fave health drink among adults and children alike. i take probiotic capsules daily so i don't need Yakult.

  16. yakult is a favourite among adults and children alike. i take probiotics capsules daily so i don't need yakult.

  17. I like it, but I wish it came in a bigger container so I wouldn't have to throw so much away.

  18. Yakult taste a bit sour. Vote for vitagen....

  19. Yakult is very popular here in Philippines and available at any supremarket.


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