Monday, 15 March 2010

A Headstart In Planning For Our Next Trip To Japan

Both Zaini and I have been discussing about our  next trip to Japan and reading the brochures and pamphlets that we acquired during our visits previously apart from getting info online.

Does it surprise anybody that we are planning for another visit to the country? If you know us even remotely, it shouldn't be any surprise at all. Also, colleagues making small talk with me will inevitably ask about our trip to Japan in 2010. Heck! Even people from HR asked me about it since I needed a Letter of Confirmation from the company and will ask for one each year to apply our visas.

JAL currently is offering a really cheap airfare from KL to Tokyo at only RM1,250.00 nett for a return trip, with the travel date ending in May 2010. We are hoping the same airfare would be offered again later in the year because we can only travel when Raimie has a longer school holiday.

We've travel from Kagoshima to Kanazawa to Tazawako in previous trips, so the plan this year is to travel to Tohoku region (North East), with a return visit to Tazawako and spending a night or two there plus visiting a local festival. After this trip, I think we can start thinking about a tripto either Hokkaido or Okinawa.

A special aspect of the coming trip is that a friend of mine will be joining us. She'll be joining us on the second week of our trip because she can't get away for two weeks. As this will be her first visit to Japan, we won't take her to out-of the beaten path but rather give her an introductory course of Tokyo. She is an anime fan and loves to collect anime figures so she'll fit in just fine with us. (And she did mentioned that she'd love to meet Ultraman!)  I have a mission though, planning an itinerary for her. I'll try to keep her travel expenses to the minimum and if the airfare is low for the dates that we wanted, her 8Days 6Nights in Japan would cost less than RM4,000.00 and that's including her train fares, Disneyland entrance fee, food and lodging (and maybe a little bit of shopping too). We are keeping our fingers crossed for a good deal from JAL in their next promotion for the last quarter of 2010.

Another special aspect of this trip is that we've gotten help from someone in Tazawako for planning our 2nights there. "S"-san, domo arigatou gozaimasu!  I can't wait to finally meet you up in Tazawako!

BTW, thanks to those who still visit this blog despite it being rather inactive these past few weeks. Appreciate it!


  1. I just got back from Terengganu and boy, Malaysia is sooooo hot!!

    Anyway, just dropping by to say hi!

    I also hope there's a cheaper air fare so I can go back to Japan during September or October after my delivery. (^_^)

    Do inform me if there is!

  2. Travelling so soon again? :)

  3. Nice, I hope you have a great time in Japan. I'm living in Osaka. Hope one day you can visit here too..

  4. @Cindy,
    Tell me about it. It's so hot, I'm down with a fever for the past few days.

    I'm not sure about the airfare but MAS has pretty good deals on one way trip.

  5. @Mei Teng,
    Not soon. In six months' time. :D

  6. @Naoko,
    I love Osaka! The couple of times we were there, we went on a gastronomic adventure.

  7. Lina,

    Airfare promotion still available?

  8. Eh, next time I go Japan, you also plan the itinerary for me and the places to stay and food to eat etc.etc. can ah? : )

  9. I am not in the least surprised you are going to Japan again. In fact, if you announce that you are NOT going Japan, I will be shocked!! LOL!

  10. Btw, I'm going Bali next week. Yippee!!! Can't wait! : )

  11. you just covered your post japan trip and now another japan planning?

    btw lina hubs is planning to bring baby to japan but we will have to wait til he's about 3 to enjoy it... we'll atake him to ghibli museum

  12. foong bali? wow! hey you are hayao fan right? come with us when we go to his museum =)

  13. I've never been but would love to go. Until then I will travel there through your eyes and camera.

  14. @Su,
    JAL promo ending on Mar 19. Tapi to get the RM1,250.00 fare, kena min two pax to travel. Kalau tak, harga lebih kurang dgn MAS aje.

  15. @foong,
    Wah, how nice - going to Bali.

    I can plan your itinerary and everything, no worries but have to bring back a souvenir for me afterwars, you know! :D

    I think I'm going to be in a shock too in we say we are not going to go to Japan (which we have been saying for the last couple of trips now.) XD

  16. @Ayie,
    You can buy the tickets there for Ghibli Museum right? I always wanted to go but there aren't an office where I can buy the advance tickets and the nearest I know of is in Thailand. :(

    Of course I can buy them there, but they do say the tickets do run out quite fast and overseas purchased tickets are much more flexible.

  17. @Ayie,
    You know, Raimie's first trip to Japan was when he was three. A good time to bring your baby. Not to small and not to big to be too opiniated. Try bringing an 8 year old - he'll complain and whine when the mood suits him. LOL

  18. Lina,

    but i cant find the advertisement either in JAL Japan or JAL Msia...why??

  19. Lina...

    dah jumpa ...dah jumpa...Yippie!!!!
    thanks ...*hug*

  20. @Su,
    Aiseh, patut I bagitau the URL here. Sori sori. Maafkan org yg tengah demam ni. XD

    Sapa mau pegi? Ikut leh? :D

  21. p.s. to everybody,
    pardon my misspelling in my reply to your comments - I've also mispelt some word in my e-mail correspondence today. Brain and hand not working well today. XD

  22. Sounds exciting! I personally would love to go to Japan! I will see China first, though! ;)

  23. So exciting! 2 weeks in Japan! It would be chilly in the last quarter of the year. Did you plan to go to a hot spring resort?

  24. @The Fitness Diva,
    China first, then perhaps Japan after? *^-^*

  25. @ECL,
    A visit to a ryokan and a dip in an onsen is definitely on the cards. :)

  26. Oooo... that's fantastic! Do give a detail account of it hor. I find the ryokan and onsen so attractive! I want to go with you!!!!

  27. @ECL,
    I definitely will give blow-by-blow details of the place. :)

    Can spare time in Spe? Come lah join us for holiday. (*^-^*)

  28. I didnt realize that I missed this post. You are very welcome, and thank YOU in fact, for keeping me up for blogging.. And I am very excited to meet you at last! Can't wait!

  29. @TTA,
    I always enjoyed your updates. I do hope more people stopped by and comment there too! And one day to visit Tazawako. You've done a lot to promote the area. :)

  30. You know, I was beginning to wonder about your next trip and now this post. LOL! You'll make a great travel companion to Japan. Your friend is very lucky - hope she knows that.

    Great post, Lina. Happy planning.

    I saw the cherry blossoms in Tokyo on CNN and thought how beautiful Tokyo must be right now.

  31. @HappySurfer,
    Actually, we are the lucky ones to have her as a friend. :)

    Yes, we are planning away happily now. Just 5 more months to go! :)


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