Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Nothing To Write...

because I am too pre-occupied with these 7 men (6 in the photo because I'm too lazy to look for one with Kim Jong Min in it).

I used to laugh at Zaini and Raimie because they memorised almost every single word and action in Ultraman and Kamen Rider series, and now I'm behaving the exact same way with 1N2D. I remember even the smallest detail of the things that these men did! I am soooooo sad. LOL

I've been too busy downloading and watching the back episode of almost every day. I'm obsessed!

This and that we've (Zaini and I) started talking about our next trip to Japan. I'm trying to keep a low profile about this trip because a few of my colleagues; whom I talked maybe only 5 times a year have been shamelessly insistent that they should follow me and my family to Japan for a vacation just so they can save a few bucks, instead of going with a tour group.


  1. Ha! Don't laze! Faster come back blog? O.o

  2. so this is what you've been up to! aha!

  3. Can I shamelessly follow you and your family to Japan so I can save a few bucks? haha......

  4. Lina, snap out of your obsession and return to the blogging world!!!! I insist!!!! : )

  5. Don't worry I can recite every single word in any of the Star Trek movies ... LOL!

    Yeah, I agree with Ladyviral and Foong, come back to the blogsphere :D

  6. oi... having a long blog break ah?
    Don't watch so much drama.... return to reality please. :P

  7. Hi ya peeps!
    Sorry for the long absence. Miss me? Hihihi
    I'll try not to be missing too much in future. XD

  8. Aisehman! Keeping low key about your trip to Japan? I presume your colleagues don't read your blogs?

  9. @HappySurfer,
    You presume right. None of them even know I blog and I intend to stay that way. :D


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