Friday, 9 April 2010

Photo Tag And I'm Playing For A Change!

I got tagged by A Z Haida, of Look Again blog which I had been following for a few years now.

Like her, I don't normally do tags but I couldn't resist this one from her. Not when she put it this way :
"I hereby challenge (ehcheh) these 8 to do this tag...
5) Lina (bet it's going to be Japan-related photo)."

I do admit that we have more photos of us in Japan than any other places in Malaysia. My 8th folder is of our photos in Japan during Summer 2006. Almost 4 years ago.

The tag requires me to:
1) Go to your photo files…Select the 8th photo folder.

2) Select the 8th photo in that folder.

3) Post that photo along with the story behind it.

4) Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

So, here goes! Yosh!

The Story: 
This photo of Raimie was taken in summer 2006. It was Raimie's second trip to Japan and we were there for a week, for the sole purpose of going to Ultraman Festival (Ulfes) in Ikebukuro. Because of that, we just stayed in Tokyo and one of the places we went to, apart from Ulfes was the Shitamachi Museum in Ueno.

Being in the museum was like being transported to the era of Oshin, a woman who lived in the Meiji period. The Japanese drama Oshin was aired on TV in Malaysia when I was in primary school and everyone I know stay glued to the TV screen watching this drama of a strong woman who persevered during hard and tough times. Oshin serves as a symbolic figure for perseverance, showing that a person should never give up - even in the most difficult times.

Anyway, back to Shitamachi Museum. Shitamachi which meant low city; is the name for the low-lying parts of Tokyo. This museum is dedicated to looking at the lives led by millions of  men and women over the years in the area spanning from the early Meiji to late Taisho-eras (1868-1923). The museum has interactive displays which meant you can touch and play with all the exhibits.

An elderly guy who volunteered at the museum taught Raimie how to play the Japanese toys that were on display and before we left the museum he gave Raimie a little koma spinning tops made out of old magazine pages and toothpicks.

Here in the photo, Raimie was happily poking around in the blacksmith's home.

For our trip in Sep 2010, I plan to bring my friend to this museum. Even if you don't care much of the history of lives of Japanese of yesteryears, being in this museum makes good photo op.

I'm passing the baton to 8 others:
  1. Cindy of Blank Thoughts. She's expecting her first baby soon. She made Osaka her home but she is back in Malaysia for the time being.
  2. Kozue of Oh Tazawako, Where Art Thou? Hardworking to promote Tazawako and its surrounding area, I completely understand if Kozue can't play this tag. :D
  3. Shida of shidafzan. A friend of mine since college, we used to be roommates too. She just started blogging  with blogspot, after years of using fotopages. She's one of few people left who still call me by a boy's name.
  4. Nick of Anything goes. He blogs because he can!
  5. Su of I Lookup As I Walk. A Malaysian, she is currently raising her family in Japan and giving support to her hubby who is pursuing his studies there.
  6. Evan's Mom of A Little Boy's Blog.  A proud mom of two sons in Bogor, Indonesia.
  7. Yatie of Sawanila. She just gave birth to a beautiful baby.
  8. Bengbeng of My Longkang. See great photos and read about his life, Benghui's and the people around him in Sibu.

No pressure though. Have fun!

p.s. It might take me sometime to inform all those listed that they've been tagged.


  1. thank you for doing this tag :-)

    'Oshin' bring back lots of memories since the one we used to watch in our young days was the one translated into Malay language... even my late Tok was a fan!

    Never visited Shitamachi museum when we were staying in Tokyo - didn't realised its existence and now rasa macam menyesal pulak :-(

  2. I haven't been tagged in ages!

    This looks like a cool tag to do :D Wait a minute, I'd better check my 8th pix in my photo folder first to see if it's decent or not! LOL!

  3. Wah, it took me at least 5 tries before I could even leave a comment here!

  4. @A Z Haida,
    The dubbed Oshin drama was a hit with everyone in my family, from my Opah to me and my cousins. We would all congregate around the TV and watch it together. A great bonding time. :)

    It was shown again on TV last year, if I'm not mistaken but nowadays I hate watching anything dubbed so I gave it a miss.

    The Shitamachi Museum is small and the museum itself is inconspicuously located at one end of Ueno Park. Nearby the flea market.

  5. @Nick,
    Don't show anything "terlampau"! LOL

    Got problem commenting here kah?

  6. badddddd !!!
    ekkeekkekeek ko mmg tau :P
    tapi sangat syiok
    sat2 gi aku wat naaaaaa

  7. Wow lina, thanks for the tag! I'll make sure the photo is decent enough! By the way I aint sure if I have 8 people to tag... Haha.... thanks a lot! Will try to write soon!

  8. Haha..if anyone were to have a collection Japan-related photos...I have to agree 100% that it has to be Lina! :)

  9. thanks. i will do this in a few days :)

  10. whoah...thanks for not tagging me =P busybusy

  11. have a great weekend Lina!

  12. Phew!! Luckily you didn't tag me! : )

  13. I'm a bit picky in doing tags either, this one is easy enough though, so I'll do it. Checked my folder already :)

    Oshin was phenomenal. Everybody talked about it, ranging from people on the streets to the president. A long series but we didn't have much choice those days, so I watched it too.

    Btw, we actually in Bogor, Bandung is our fave weekend getaway place.

  14. will find the time and the pic folder to do the tag...
    BTW, japan again this sept? we cannot travel this year.. bb kecik lagi

  15. wow, syioknya! How nice to take Raimie with u to Japan practically every year.

  16. Gah! Now it's my turn having problem commenting - even replying to comments in my own blog!

  17. @dot,
    bagus, bagus. Efisien ko ek.Pagi2 dah buat, ko keje ke tadi?

  18. @cindy & bengbeng,
    look forward to reading yours soon! :)

  19. @Mei Teng,
    LOL. I should endevour to have more photos of us vacationing in Malaysia before it starts to get too expensive to even stay in a hotel here in our own lovely country. !^-^

  20. @Ayie & Foong,
    Purposely didn't tag you guys. Know you two are way busy. :)
    Maybe one day... :D

  21. @Evan's Mom,
    Whoops! I amended my post already.

    Yeah, way back when, we didn't have much option too. No cable TV available yet at that time. (And just 3 TV channels) Imagine that!

    There's one more drama series that I love that time - a Philippine's drama : Angelito. ;)

  22. @Yatie,
    Takpe, can save money so that everyone can travel when bb becomes a toddler.

    Bila nak gi Jepun Yatie?

  23. @Life Ramblings,
    We wouldn't dream of not taking him vacationing with us. :)

  24. Hi Lina.

    Yes I got the baton! Thanks! Give me a few days and I will post :)

  25. @TTA (Kozue),
    Cool! Can't wait to see your post. :)

  26. I want to know more about this museum. Can you take more pictures and blog about your next trip?

  27. @ECL,
    Sure I will.

    And maybe as a teaser, I'll post some old photos of ours taken in the museum. How about that? :)

  28. lina! I'm done with mine! =)

  29. @Cindy,
    Cool! Thanks for playing along. :)

  30. I'm ALWAYS busy, so don't ever tag me, ever. LOL!

  31. hahahah foong hates tags!

  32. @Foong & Ayie,
    That's why lor... never tag foong one. :D


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