Thursday, 8 April 2010

Prepaid Card, A Convenient Payment Option While Travelling

Travelling around Japan, Zaini and I did not really use our credit cards, but we found convenience in using Suica & PASMO prepaid card for certain transactions.

Suica and PASMO cards can be used to pay the fare for virtually all trains in Tokyo and can be used for JR trains, subways and monorails, buses and can be used for purchasing of items at convenience stores, kiosks and restaurants in and around railway stations not to mention at vending machines too! A very useful and handy card to have with you.
Our Suica & N'Ex card that we got upon arrival at Narita Airport. We saved a thousand yen because by just paying 3,500yen, we get to board the N'Ex train from Narita Airport (cost 2,940yen to get to Tokyo Station) and 1,500yen in e-money (& 500yen as deposit). The card makes a nice keepsake too, don't you think?

The lovely thing about this card for returning tourist like us, is that Suica can be recharged and reused an unlimited number of times and only be void if not used for 10 years. I don't think we wait for that long to make a return visit to Japan.

There is no child Suica & N'Ex card for children so for Raimie, we got him a PASMO card.
Raimie with his Kids' PASMO card. 

Raimie's card is a named card so we can get it reissued if Raimie lost his card. Make sure you buy a Kids Passmo card for your children to ensure the fares deducted will be child's fare.
Purchases made with our Suica & PASMO cards - tickets to museums and even drinks from the vending machine. We even bought our lunch with this card.

Topping up was a simple matter for us, because we can just head to the nearest train station and top-up the card at the machine there. Easy peasy and sure beats fumbling for cash paying for our sandwich at a station's konbini or buying bottled water from the vending machine.


  1. "The lovely thing about this card for returning tourist like us, is that Suica can be recharged and reused an unlimited number of times and only be void if not used for 10 years"...this is a bonus for tourists. Don't think tourists enjoy such privileges here eh?

  2. Well, tourists here get 5% discount when shopping at Parkson/Isetan. :D

    The SUICA we got works like normal card, and it is good that the 500yen in the card will not be forfeited too soon so people who wish to return after a few years can still use the card.

  3. hubby used to have a suica card, where else i used to have a discounted monthly-pass for asakusa-waseda trip on Metro. they check both our alien card & student card before issuing the monthly pass, so i cannnot for instance, buy a monthly pass for gyotoku-waseda when the address stated on my alien card in in asakusa...

    we also used to buy bus cards - to make some savings.
    if i'm not mistaken, if we buy a:
    JPY1000 card, we'll be given credit for JPY1100, JPY3000, credit for JPY3500,
    JPY5000, credit for JPY5800, or something like that...

  4. @A Z Haida,
    That's good info. Thanks for sharing. :)

    More savings if using the bus lah ek? But OMG, I cannot tahan using the bus in Japan. They are punctual yes. Drivers are polite yes. But when one is used to RapidKL and Metrobus drivers who drive like F1 drivers, Japan buses are way too slow! LOL

  5. Knowing what to use for such purposes is good because it saves you in the long run..

  6. @Ayie,
    Every cent counts in savings esp when the exchange rate between our Ringgit and Yen is substantial.


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