Saturday, 3 April 2010

Raimie Got A Shopping List

One of the highlights of going to Japan for Raimie is the fact that this is one of the few times we allowed him to buy toys (especially Ultraman toys) without any condition being set. Actually we only allow him to buy any Japanese toys when we go to Japan because the price of those toys are more than double in Malaysia. Raimie is a patient boy so he can and is willing to wait.

He has a cardboard box full of Ultraman, Seijin (aliens) and kaijus (monsters) of the Ultraman series and from Kamen Rider too but of course he wants more. He has yet complete his collection.

Being his father's son, he develops a penchant for making lists and it is funny to see combing through his terebi-kun magazines (a Japanese magazine for kids) and writing down what toys he wants to buy when we get to Japan. So far, the list is two pages long!

He has already started saving money for the upcoming trip because we told him he needs to, in order to buy the toys he wanted, but we'll put all the cash he saved from his pocket money in the bank and pay for the toys ourselves instead. ;)

A trip to Yodobashi Camera is a must for us because that's where we get the toys at a cheaper price than any other stores. For those who love to collect the capsule toys (gachapon) you should visit Yodobashi Camera especially Yodobashi-Akiba. Rows and rows of gachapon machines to make you go wild!


  1. Oh many toys and still want to shop?! :) can never own enough toys.

  2. @Mei Teng,
    We always give away his old toys except for his Ultraman and Kamen Rider toys so he doesn't a roomful of them nowadays. :D

  3. my brother's action figures always had one leg, one hand, or no head! hehehe

  4. @Sitie,
    Raimie's Ultraman & Kamen Rider figures are all ori and not bootleg - all imported from Japan tu!!! He can't and doesn't dare to lose a body part otherwise "kena" with his Dad. XD

  5. I wonder when Raimie will outgrow his toys! : )

  6. Then maybe he will look for Japanese girls, haha! You OK ah if Raimie chooses a Japanese girl as his wife? : )

  7. @foong,
    Zaini hasn't outgrown his interest yet so I'm betting Raimie's gonna be just like his dad - he'll love his toys until he can share it with his children. :D

    Who he wants to marry, it's up to him. I cannot control how someone feels. ;)

  8. that's a good training for Raimie to learn how to save and appreciate his spending better.

  9. can we also have a shopping list? what do you think foong? ahahaha

  10. @Ayie,
    Sure you can have a list, but I'm not buying! XD

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