Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Shitamachi Museum In Ueno

A trip down memory lane with this post, sparked by my previous post and a photo tag. Dedicated specially to EastCoastLife.

I will definitely have a post (or two!) about Shitamachi Museum on our trip in September, but 5 months seems such a long time to wait, so let me indulge you all with some photos we took at the museum in 2006. More info on the museum can be found here.

First off,  how to get to the museum. The museum building is rather nondescript so you might miss it even if you walked right in front of the building.
The fast food restaurant is a McDonald's. The Police Station is a small, one man police box or "koban" at one of the entrance to Ueno Park. Getting there is pretty easy.

Now, I'll just let these photos do the talking. Enjoy!
I'm enjoying putting up these photos and looking at Raimie when he was just 4 years old. My, how time flies.

The Shitamachi Museum is not a big museum and you probably spent about half an hour browsing the two floors of the museum, unless of course you are like us and can't resist checking out every single display and having a blast taking photos.

Entrance fee for adults is a mere 300yen. All the exhibits have both Japanese and English info printout and there's even volunteer guides to guide you around the museum. If you are planning to spend a day in Ueno - why not make a stop at Shitamachi Museum too?


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I was in Japan in 2008 and this was one museum I wanted to see but we ran out of time. I'm back in Japan at the end of this year so thank you for posting the map and photos. Definitely have to go there. btw - I had forgotten the name of the museum since last time and this jogged my memory. Looks interesting.


  2. @Jennifer,
    Glad to know that my post is of assistance. Have fun visiting the museum when you get there!

  3. You'll be visiting again this Sept?

  4. @Mei Teng,
    Like mentioned in previous post - yes, we are planning to. But it'll depends on what JAL will be coming out with end of Jul for the next qtr promotion.

  5. oh Lina, I have to wake up early to visit yr blog, my connection is so poor..really undecided as to what too do... made a mistake of terminating Streamyx n getting celcom broadband.. useless Celcom package

  6. @Bengbeng,
    Oh poor you. Poor connection really suck - I hope you'll get it settled soon.
    I know how it felt not having stable and reliable connection.

  7. So confirm going Japan again in Sept? Haha!

    Nice museum, and oh, Raimie is soooooo small! LOL!

  8. lina, it's really nice to see old photos of memories. so another japan trip fpr your family...i suggest go to the tropical side for a difference.

  9. i'll definitely drop by this museum if i've the opportunity to visit Japan. so Lina, your bookings are all confirmed?

  10. @foong, Ayie, Life Ramblings,
    No bookings yet - waiting for JAL airfare promo to come out in late Jul, but other than that, we are pretty much set with the dates and everything already. :)

  11. The pics were so great and cute. I love the old TV in the 9th photo, hehe :)

  12. @MKL,
    Thanks. :)

    That old TV reminds me of our old TV way back in the 70s too. Imagine, no remote control to change the channels!


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