Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Music I Listen To

All these while, I don't listen to music much but after getting obsessed with all things Korean and gotten into the Hallyu (Korean Wave), I found myself plugging earphones in my ears literally all the time!

Walking to/fro office, I like to listen to Eun Jiwon's songs from his album - Platonic . I always joked that Zaini look somewhat like him especially now because Zaini sports a shaved head just like Jiwon. ^-^

My favourite song from the album is Out Of Control. 

Another favourite singer of mine is Lee Seunggi.

These two men are also cast members in a travel variety show that I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - 1N2D. 1N2D can be so addictive for me, I'm willing to forgo sleep watching it!

I need to listen to fast songs during my workout and since the gym that I go to changed ownership, they don't play any decent songs anymore to make me work out harder so I make sure I have plenty of songs handy for me to listen to during my cardio sessions.

Current favourites are Korean Idol Groups - SHINee & SS501.
Do you need to listen to music while doing your workout?


  1. I don't listen to music when I am out for a walk in a park. It's safer to be on alert at all times and not get stuck to earphones when outdoors. Indoor is fine.

    I listen to music before I start work in the mornings and during lunch break.

  2. i just usually turn computer and play my mp3s... i have some japanese and korean favorites there too

  3. i'm not really familiar with Korean artists. i usually listen to music while i'm driving or spring cleaning at home.

  4. @Mei Teng,
    Yeah, being alert is definitely the safest precaution when being outdoors, but I like listening to music while walking home. *^-^*

  5. @Ayie,
    Hi! Hi! Hi! :)
    What's your fave Japanese & Korean artist?
    I don't listen to much Japanese songs nowadays preferring the Korean ones. :)

  6. @Life Ramblings,
    What music do you listen to? :)
    In our car, we always listen to Ultraman soundtracks or OAG.

  7. there's no radio in the office gym, so we don't listen to any music while working out.
    back when i used to frequent the gym in Palace of Golden Horses, I watch what's on TV while working out.
    But yes, I think it helps to have some music with tempo/beat that u can relate to while working out... (like listening to poco-poco song when learning poco-poco dance, haha)

  8. @AZ Haida,
    I like watching Discovery Channel time workout. Dunno why. Dulu ada that channel on, at California Fitness. La ni tukar to Sports Channel which I'm not interested in watching.
    Suitable song for working out - betul tu. Tak kena la dengar lagu jiwang time nak bermengah-mengahan atas treadmill. Hihi

  9. i listen a lot to English pop songs. sorry, i'm not very fond of Ultraman soundtracks or OAG.

    btw, have you received the fridge magnet? pls let me know once you received it.

  10. @Life Ramblings,
    Nope haven't received it. :(

  11. i like utada hikaru and some selected artists i don't even know the names but just their songs...

    korean the same, i know the songs and i even sing along with it but not the artists =P


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