Saturday, 8 May 2010

Of Guide Books And Travel Magazines

It's been a while since we last used/referred to an English Language travel guide book on Japan. Whatever guide books available on the shelves in bookstores simply don't provide us enough information about Japan anymore. Now, Zaini and I relied heavily on brochures/pamphlets we collected from previous trip and information gleaned online.

I do wish I can read Japanese (and Chinese) because the travel magazines and guide books available at the Japanese and Chinese section in Kinokuniya (and MPH) looks so interesting, much better than the English ones. 
 Atrocious photo quality because I took these photo stealthily using my handphone camera.

They are colourful with plenty of current photos, compared to English guide books which seems to just recycle photos of previous books into their updated version. I don't want to look at outdated photos - imagine looking at photos of Japanese men and women in 80's style in a supposedly latest, 2010 edition guide book.

Not understanding the language never stop Zaini and I from browsing through the magazines/books - the photos inside worth a thousand words! I love the fact that the information inside includes attraction fees, popular local souvenirs complete with the prices and recommended food too! I can spend hours at Kinokuniya but it's a pity that the bookstore is in KLCC and not in Midvalley. Zaini has all the luck working in that area and he sometimes spent his lunch hour browsing through the Japanese section looking at the guide books and magazines. Lucky him!


  1. Strangely, I don't read much on travel guide books or magazines. Perhaps too lazy. I can always do a quick search on Google :)

  2. i enjoy looking for guide books about travel too, but they don’t always have up-to-date information.

  3. @Mei Teng,
    It's always easier to Google the info up. :)

  4. @Life Ramblings,
    I enjoy them too, esp those with plenty of photos. I do agree that they don't always are up-to-date.

  5. I love travel books, it allows you to explore and find great things to do when you eventually travel to the destination. And, with photos, language doesn't even matter :)

  6. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    Indeed - with great photos, language is no barrier to convey the beauty of a place. :)

  7. i don't really read those moreon just collect

    happy mother's day lina...

  8. @Ayie,
    And Happy Mother's Day to you. 1st Mother's Day celebration for you with hubs and baby Jariel this year. :)


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