Sunday, 11 July 2010

Decluttering The Clutter

After six visits to Japan, we kinda accumulated way too much junk that now needs to be sorted and thrown away, I guess....

Both Zaini and I have this habit - we keep everything, and I mean everything as memorabilia. Notwithstanding the standard souvenir items, we have travel magazines, train schedules, theme parks tickets, train tickets, postcards, paper bags, plastic bags even receipts and price tags! We are seriously turning into pack rats! o.O

In anticipation of another trip to Japan and accumulating more junk, it's time to de-clutter all these junk to make way for new ones!

Anyway, seeing that we have way too many postcards we acquired in Japan, I think it'll be fun if I do a postcard exchange of some sort with readers here. Maybe I'll send some postcards to you guys when I get to Japan. What do you say? Anyone interested in getting a postcard from Japan?

If all goes well, it's just two more months before our 7th trip to the Land of the Rising Sun!

I wonder when I get to go for my first trip to the Land of the Morning Calm? I'm not giving up brainwashing my two boys yet!


  1. Hi Lina!

    2 more months? wow sure time flies by so fast!

  2. postcards from Japan would be nice to have as souvenir...ehem...


  3. @Ayie,
    Say no more. I have your address. ;)

    You too. Have a great Sunday with hubs and baby Jariel. What's the plan for today?

    I can't wait to have Japanese food again. It's been almost 10 months since we eat out for Japanese food!

  4. i would love one! ^^ best of luck with the brain washing ^^

  5. I have been guilty of accumulating travel junk too :)

  6. @Glo-w,

    Wait for more details soon (i.e. when I actually get to Japan) ^-^

  7. @Mei Teng,
    Wha do you do with them? ;)

  8. Do not expose the postcard to sunlight or placed in the humid storage. Looking forward for your Japan trip news

  9. I am glad I'm not the only one who keeps everything from my vacations. Although I put them in a binder, but never look at it again. Japan has so many interesting things that I don't blame you for keeping everything.

  10. @VanillaSeven,
    Thanks for the tip. :)

    Glad to say, our junk since 8 years ago are still in pretty good condition. ;)

  11. @AVCr8teur,
    We keep ours in shoe boxes. I like going through them once in a while, and get excited all over again about going back to Japan. ;)

  12. hehe its weird when you keep stuff even though you know you will probably never use it or even really bring it out and look at it. But for some reason you just wanna know that you have it...

  13. looks like you're not alone Lina. I've also developed a habit of keeping junk from my travels too. :D

  14. @Floating Camera,
    the comfort of having something useless, just in case thirty years on, one might need it! LOL

    I'm turning into my grandma! XD

  15. @Life Ramblings,
    It's a relief to know you guys have the same habit too! :D

  16. Lina, you havn't met us. We r the kings of clutter :)


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