Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Trip To A Movie Scene?

I've always pooh-poohed and made fun of tour groups itinerary that feature places shown in popular dramas and movies. Especially those "Winter Sonata" tour group to Korea. And these "Winter Sonata" tours are still around and popular now, 8 years after the drama was shown!

But come to think of it, the three of us made several trips to places in Japan based on what we saw on TV too. We don't follow any tour group, true.

Nevertheless, we've arranged our itinerary to visit places we saw/featured in movies and animes.

Our first trip to Japan was made due to the drama Over Time. It wasn't neither because of "Oshin" nor was it because of Ultraman, but we fell in love with Japan due a story about friendship and love.

The drama somehow put Tokyo Tower in a romantic light and of course, Zaini and I wanting to be romantic decided to visit the tower. So, off to Tokyo Tower we went in 2002, to mend my broken heart. But truthfully, the tower isn't all that it hyped to be. It's better to view the tower from afar than be in/on it, IMHO
We went to Kobe because the city was featured in a 2006 Ultraman Movie titled "Ultraman Mebius and Ultra Brothers".
We also happily made our way to Kasukabe because that's the home of Crayon Shin-Chan and also the home of the late Yoshito Usui.

Maybe for the next visit, we should head to Yokohama. After all, it was the city featured in last year's Ultraman movie - Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

We've been to all over Japan, but have yet to explore Yokohama although it's so near to Tokyo! We do have to make a stop to Kawasaki again anyway because Raimie has a date with his Ultra Heroes!


  1. kami pon cuma pegi Anpanman Museum & Cosmo World je @ Yokohama...tapi,teringin nak pegi area Izu

  2. I am not a fan of tours to movie scenes except if the landscapes are totally awesome or mind blowing. I also don't like cliched stuff.

  3. Hohoho.. I love Ultraman!! I hope I can watch it again!

  4. Winter Sonata tour still around? Goodness! Imagine what a popular (but not very good show IMHO) can do to tourism industry!

  5. I've never visited a place based on a TV show before. Haha!

  6. @Su,
    Kalu pegi Izu, summer good kan?

    We all x kesampaian ke Anpanman Museum. Lagipun Raimie dah besar... Malu lah kalau still suka Anpanman! LOL

  7. @Mei Teng,
    Lord Of The Rings would be one of those awesome set to visit. :)

  8. @VanillaSeven,
    Should be easy to find the DVDs in S'pore. After all, there are many Ultraman fanatics there! :D

  9. @foong,
    Bae Yong Joon's face is still plastered on travel agents advertisement for Korrea tours, you know. ;)

    He was appointed as the Korea tourism/promotional ambassador or something. (Didn't really care because I'm not a fan. LOL)

  10. Korea tourism has gotten quite a boost from series like Winter Sonata after people saw the breathtaking winter backdrop in the popular series.

  11. I think it's perfectly normal for wanting to visit a place you saw on tv. Perhaps it gives us an emotional connection to a favorite show.

  12. @Life Ramblings,
    Yes, true.

    For me, I wanna visit Korea because of food! I've been watching so many shows showing people eating, I want try the real deal someday! ;)

  13. @AVCr8teur,
    How absolutely true. It's like going to a place you already know. Like a homecoming of some sort...

    That how I felt when I first when to Japan. :D

  14. take me with you when you next go to Japan ^_^

  15. @Jamaipanese,
    If I take you with me, you'd be getting an overdose of all thing Ultraman. Think you up to it? :D

  16. didn't watch Ultraman growing up but I saw a lot of ones inspired by it like masked rider. Sign me up!

  17. I think that's the bets way to see and explore a foreign seeing those movies where they shoot the scenes. Most cased those places are tourist spots or if not very good to visit.

    by the way dear, have you received our mail?

  18. @Jamaipanese,
    Kamen rider series are my two "boys" favourite too.

  19. @Ayie,
    Haven't been checking the mailbox in a while. You sent something? I'll go and check tonight! :D


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