Friday, 6 August 2010

Discover Tokyo, Japan At Just RM1,515.00

Anyone looking for a good deal for airfares to Tokyo? JAL has come out with another great deal for travel between  Aug-Nov and Jan 2011.

Not as cheap as the fares available earlier in the year, but this is much cheaper than what MAS or SQ is offering now.

The fare is only limited to Tokyo and there's no child fare offered, but  it's still a good deal.

For those interested in this fare, here's the T&C:
  • Fare includes airfare, surcharges & taxes.
  • All Reservation must be confirmed.
  • Subject to seat availability.
  • No waiting list.
  • Reservation & ticketing only available at travel agent in Malaysia.
  • Ticket must be issued 3 days after reservation and within booking & ticketing period.
  • Date change is not permitted.
  • Minimum stay 3 days. Maximum stays 14 days.
  • Economy fare applicable for Kuala Lumpur - Tokyo - Kuala Lumpur Route. (JL724 / 723) Same fare applicable for departure from Penang. (without stopover in Kuala Lumpur)
  • Other Japan domestic sector available through oneworld YOKOSO / Visit Japan fare or applicable domestic fares.
  • Endorsement / Re-routing not permitted.
  • No refund. No cancellation after issued of ticket.
  • Child applies same fare as adult.
  • JMB upgrade, JAL family service & unaccompanied minor service are not eligible.
  • 50% of sector mileage accrual. Other terms & conditions apply.
Japan, see you in September.

p.s. Zaini and I'll will be celebrating our birthdays in the Land of the Rising Sun again this year. :)


  1. So jealous. I want to visit Japan.

  2. @Life Ramblings,
    Any plan to do so?
    Well, you get to travel all over Europe. A lor of ppl envy that. ;)

  3. The airfare deal is great.

  4. @Mei Teng,
    It is. Furthermore no min pax to travel. SQ has GV2 for its promotional airfare so solo traveller can't get the cheaper price. JAL's is better.

  5. Uik. Is that consider cheap?
    If I want to go to Japan Lina, will you give me some tips. Not now maybe in the future. ehehehe...

  6. @zezebel,
    I make it a habit monitoring airfares. :D
    Yes, that's cheap. After all it is promo fare and you can only travel up to 14 days max. If you travel more than 14 days, the fares will be much higher.
    Airfares have different codes and prices so looking at all restrictions and the T&C, this is a good deal. :)

  7. I've always wanted to travel to tokyo but never really found the time to search more about affordable airfares. Thanks for sharing. Your blog is interesting and informative.

  8. Looks like a good deal! But not time yet for me to visit Japan! Haha

  9. @moalboal resort,
    I guess when it's time to plan for a vist, you'll definitely start researching. Money saved can be used for the trip. :)

  10. @foong,
    not as good asthe fares offered earlier this year at just RM1,250.00 (though it is a GV2 fare) but this is still cheaper than MAS/SQ. :)

    Yalar you, too much time holidaying at other parts of the world, where got time go Japan. LOL

  11. how i wish by the time we're ready for Japan there will be great deal like this

  12. @Ayie,
    Not sure about is US, but JAL has always come up with great airfares for Malaysia. :)

    Hence the recurring trips to Japan, year after year! XD

  13. perhaps we should go to m'sia first then off to japan!

  14. @Ayie,
    Now that's a thought! :)


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