Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Itinerary So Far

Let's see... What's the plan for our 2-weeks' vacation? For this year's trip, it is a bit different for us because a friend of mine will be tagging along.

So far, our itinerary looks like this:
Day 1 - Asakusa 
Arrive Narita Airport at 7.00am, get our JR East Pass and head to Asakusa.
We'll spend the nights in a hotel in Asakusa whenever we are in Tokyo.

Day 2 - Disneysea
Awhole day of fun fun fun!

Day 3 - Tazawako
A day trip.
Our initial plan to spend the night at Tsurunoyu Onsen had to be scrapped due to a change of travel date and we were unable to secure the room we wanted on the new date. :(
We are also thinking of going to a matsuri in Morioka that evening, if the time permits. If we do, we'll only be able to check-in at 12.00am that night!

Day 4 - Kagaya Orchard, Akita 
for some fruit picking trip instead of picking up those fruits at the nearby supa!
* Budo, nashi and ringo to pick!

Day 5 - Yokohama
And a  visit to Bandai Namco Wonderpark. Maybe a meet up with a friend there too...

Day 6 - Odaiba/Ginza

Day 7 - Harajuku/Shibuya 
 and the surrounding area. A visit to Yoyogi Park, maybe?

Day 8 - Asakusa
Maybe check out Akihabara, Ueno or something.
Make sure my friend buys everything she wants to before going back to Malaysia the day after.

Day 9 - Sendai/Matsushima 
Send off my friend to the airport and off we go to Sendai and maybe a trip to Matsushima Bay.

Day 10 - Nagano
A stop at Karuizawa for a spot of shopping is an option
Day 11 - Atami

Day 12 - Asakusa
 last day of shopping for us!

Day 13 - Head home. 

Of course, our plan is always susceptible to change. And I look forward to meeting a few people there too.

So, stay tuned and read where we end up to in Japan!

*Japanese lesson for today:
Budo - grapes
Nashi - pears
Ringo - apples


  1. Re photo in day 2. Is that Russian costume?

  2. @Mei Teng,
    That's suppose to be an Arabian costume. We were at Arabian Coast, going in to ride the Caravan carousel. :)

  3. How lovely! Tour Japan for 2 weeks! Love your itinerary, I prefer to travel on my won, not with a tour agent and strangers.

  4. What a plan lina. Hehehehe....
    Sound like you will be busy this raya.

  5. Wow! Nice itinerary! Can I tag along next time? Hehe

  6. I expect the itinerary to change. I've never gone on a holiday where the plan I set up would run smoothly. But I like the changes too, especially if they are unexpected pleasant changes!

  7. 13 days!! Wow! If only I can have 13 days for holiday!!

  8. @zezebel,
    Just as busy as last year. ^-^

  9. @foong,
    some ppl get to go Bali la, Cambodia la, Tasik Kenyir la, Redang la... lagi best woh! ;)

    Wanna tag along ah? First, have to be nice to my hubby. ;)

  10. @ECL,
    We don't like the "structured" tours too. Have always like to venture on our own even if that meant we get lost looking for a place sometimes.:)

  11. great itinerary. i wonder when i can travel to Japan. :(

  12. Why are you going down to Tokyo before you go to Sendai? Wouldn't it be more efficient to go to Sendai on your way down to Tokyo from Akita?

  13. Wonderful and fun itinerary. I wish I were traveling with you. Can't wait for your posts and photos.

  14. @Life Ramblings,
    Soon, I hope? :)

  15. @sixmats,
    it's due to time and budget constraints for my friend. But then, like I said, things can always change for us! ;)

  16. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    There'll be plenty of photos, I promise! :)

  17. Hahahaha....
    I thought I am the only one who eager to see lina Japan photos. Even I cannot go there, at least can see photo pun jadi lar. Hehehehe....

  18. Wow! Looks like a great trip! Can't wait for more pictures from you!

  19. @zezebel,
    I traveled to countless countries through friends photos and posts too. ^_^

  20. @VanillaSeven,
    And I look forward taking them. :)

  21. I love to eat budo.
    Hahahaha.... Don't realize that before.
    aragato gozaimas. Hehehehe....

  22. Hope you will have a great time! Hopefullyu seeing you soon :)

  23. Looks like a lot of places to cover but your itinerary is great... I know some of the places becauseI always watch japanese channel before

  24. @zezebel,
    You should try Japanese budo. They taste great!:)

  25. @TTA,
    We hope to meet you too! :)

  26. @Ayie,
    Apart from Ghibli Museum, what are other must visit places you want to go in Japan? :)

  27. @LV,
    sure... book your ticket oredi?:D

  28. i honestly don't know yet lina...haven't done researches on places. you suggest? hehe


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