Sunday, 29 August 2010

Selca Moments

No, I'm not talking about a place in Croatia but rather a term coined by South Korean netizens. Selca is a combination of two English words together, self and capture.

For those who visited this blog often, you  should've realize that I'm not much into this "selca" shots. ^-^

I found this hilarious Samsung ad at youtube :

Many bloggers got this selca-ing thing down pat. For me, I'll just settle taking candid photos of my hubby and son. I'm not that photogenic anyway. XD

How about you?


  1. candid photos are great and I love taking those too...just like all the photos (most) you see with Jariel in it

  2. Eeeeh...
    Is that you in picture Lina? You really look like a Japanese. Hehehehehe....

  3. wow..didn't know selca is self and capture..hehe. I learned a new word.

  4. @Ayie,
    Candid photos capture the moments, don't you agree?:)

    I used to take Raimie's photos a lot when he was little. Now, I still love snapping his photos but not as much as when he was a baby. ^_^

  5. The video is comical so selca's don't forget their tips. I have never posted a picture of myself other than my profile pic.

  6. Candid tells the truth and shows the better happiness :).

  7. @AVCr8teur,
    Is it because those behind the lens have fewer photos of themselves? Or is it because of privacy for you?

  8. That kids at the back.
    that must be you. Hehehehe....
    You can run but you cannot hide.... :P

  9. i'm not much into selco shots too which explains why you don't get to see many pics of myself.

  10. you can never go back to the time that passed and photos are best to capture that moment to remember

  11. @LR,
    likewise, there are not many photo of myself here too. ^-^


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