Saturday, 21 August 2010

Uniqlo Hits Malaysian Shores

Good news to Uniqlo lovers in Malaysia (and to me! Yeay!)

Uniqlo's first store in Malaysia, the Fahrenheit 88 Store, will open this November in Bukit Bintang and the large, 2,140-sqm Fahrenheit 88 Store will fully convey the appeal of the Uniqlo brand. 

For those not in the know, Uniqlo has 800 stores in Japan, with other outlets in Asia including China (47 stores), Hong Kong (12), South Korea (46), Singapore (3).

I am a big fan of this store. A visit to one of their outlets on our visits to Japan is a must. Actually, this is the only store in Japan that I can find pants that fit me nicely. My favourite pants is the one I bought at Uniqlo in Kobe for just 3,990yen way back in 2008 and I still wear them now. 

Welcome Uniqlo!


  1. heheh i am already getting dizzy and ready to sleep but this is my only chance to blog hop..

  2. happy weekend dear and happy shopping too!

  3. @Ayie,
    Looking forward to more shopping, definitely! :D

  4. I have never heard of not very updated :)

  5. @Mei Teng,
    I also not updated - only knew of their existence when I went to Japan.XD

    It's a store with affordable price range. The place I go to when in Japan for shopping. Sure hope the price will remain affordable in KL's store. :D

  6. Hi Lina.
    I don't know what they sell in that shop but happy shopping for you. Don't forget to share your shopping experience in this blog. Hehehehe....

  7. i don't know about their existence until i read this post. :)

  8. @zezebel & Life Ramblings,
    You can check out what Uniqlo is all about here.

  9. Hubby and I loved Uniqlo when we were in Tokyo. Yup - with all the petite sizes in Japan, it was the only store where I could find suitable pants. The price was good, the store usually spacious and we loved the designs - not too Harajuku-zany-crazy but still stylish and usually don't go out of style too soon...

  10. Wooow Lina.
    Cool design. I don't think I can wear that in Kota Marudu. People will keep on staring at me. Hehehehe....

  11. @AZ Haida,
    That's why. Elok-elok saizM kat sini, in Japan I become an L or worse LL size. Naya! huhuhu And the hips... Japanese women all have slender legs lah kot, very the susah nak find pants kan? :D

    I love Uniqlo pun sebab they're trendy but no so much that people in Malaysia will comment on what I wear. ;)

  12. @zezebel,
    boleh glemer bah! :D

    At my office, if I wear something that people are not used seeing in the shops - they will ask me: did you buy those in Japan. As most of my clothes are Japan bought, the answers are always a YES! :D

  13. Hahahahaha Lina.
    At my place, it will not be glamer but weird.
    Really laughing now thinking about wearing any of those to my mum beras stall.

  14. @zezebel,
    I wonder whether there'll be more gentlemen to help you if you wear them! ;)

  15. Aiyo!! This is my first time hearing this store name.

  16. Wow! 800 stores in Japan and now only start in Malaysia? Well it's about time!

  17. @foong,
    can go check it out when they open. :)

  18. @foong,
    when we met over lunch last time, I wore blouse and pants bought at Uniqlo. ;)


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