Monday, 20 September 2010

Day 3 In Japan - Part II Loitering Around Tazawako

One of the reason we go up to Akita was to make a stop at Tazawako and meet up with someone there. For those who has been reading this blog long, you might remember we've been to Tazawako last year and stayed at Taenoyu Onsen in Nyuto Onsen.

Our initial plan to stay at Tsurunyu Onsen this year didn't pan out and we've arranged to stay and enjoy some onsens elsewhere later this week.

Going up to Akita, you get on the Komachi Shinkansen and some of the bullet trains came with Pokemon motifs on the trains' body.
Arriving Tazawako station, we went to the tourism office there to pass something to a friend. We tried to arrange to meet but as luck would have it, she had to go on a business trip the day we were there. I guess, we just have to make a return visit someday.

One thing you can see in this area is how the promotion of a Korean drama IRIS can be seen everywhere even at the hotel we were staying in. Some scenes in the drama were shot there, and it was now being used to promote the area.
Waiting for our bus that will be stopping at the nearby bus stop, we walked around and check out the exhibitions there.
If you plan to make a day trip to this area, do come early. The place went dead early. By 5.30pm,  the nearby lake area is  already deserted.

But we get to enjoy a beautiful sunset there and only left when it was already dark;on the last bus from the area at 6.45pm.


  1. Lina,

    those beautiful scene has inspired so many Japanese to write haiku. I suggest you start writing haiku.

  2. the Pokemon makes the train looks so cute. i would like to ride the train.

  3. Hellow!

    My name is yukina.

    I love your site, It is a pleasure to visit.

    I have added your site to my site.

    Please link my site to your site.

    Thank you!

  4. A pokemon train?
    My little brother will sure love it.
    Is that "Iris" a new drama? I don't think I had been seen that before.

  5. @Kak Lela,
    I'm long winded. Haiku is nice and short. :D

  6. @LR,
    It's a cool bullet train but not all komachi shinkansens have that Pokemon motifs.

    JR East (the railway company) even has a promotion for Suica (pre-paid) card users who uses the card for purchases on trains. Raimie got a Pokemon notebook given by our seat neighbor who uses the card to buy ekiben. :)

  7. @Yukina,
    Thanks for visiting. :)

  8. @Zezebel,
    It was shown on KBS channel 303 on Astro earlier this year.

  9. If its shown in cartoon network, my brother will be sure not missed it. Hehehehe....
    Thanks for sharing your holiday photo Lina.

  10. Oh! Pokemon on the train! I like Pokemons!!

  11. But is it just Pikachu or there are other pokemons?

  12. Haha! I like that photo of the green dragon head biting Raimie's hand! : )

  13. It's good to loiter around nice city like Tazawako, but I think your kid there need help :D

  14. @foong,
    Got other pokemons too. But I have no idea what they are, I only know Pikachu. :D

    That boy loves to pose like that. ;P

  15. @VanillaSeven,
    I just left my boy there. LOL

  16. How come the trains have Pokemon motifs? A much loved cartoon character eh.

  17. @Mei Teng,
    It's part of JR East promotion.
    Anyway, ts all about marketing.:)

  18. Wow informative as always! And thanks for returning to Tazawako again and so pitty that we missed you! I am glad that the weather that night wasn't bad (as it is raining every couple of days here)and the Pokemon train! lol! You are lucky to catch that one :)

  19. @TTA,
    Yes, we were lucky. It was raining the whole day the next day. o.O

    I'll post up more photos of Shirahama later. :)

  20. Lina I see Pikachu!

    It's always to go early for trips, the more you can do and see. Right?


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