Monday, 6 September 2010

Our Anniversary Dinner At Midori, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

It was our wedding anniversary on Sep 4th. I was fully expecting a quiet anniversary this year and celebrating it at home. I even got annoyed when Zaini turned down my intention to cook dinner that day. He didn't even want to buy any food for breaking fast at the nearby Pasar Ramadhan. Not allowed to cook yet not interested to go out and buy dinner?

It turned out he already made dinner reservation at Midori for the evening. To think I was so  pissed off with him not wanting to tell me what he wanted for dinner! ^-^!

We arrived at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel at around 6.40pm and decided to walk around first before entering Midori.
My oh my! Look at the number of tables for the Ramadhan buffet downstairs. We "kaypoh" around and there were 416 tables reserved for the night! Such a HUGE crowd for breaking fast. If I have to pay for my own dinner, I'd avoid such places - think of how many people will be queuing for the buffet spread!

Midori on the other hand, was relatively quiet and cosy. When we went in, there were only one table occupied. The place was filled up soon, but since the place is not too big, it wasn't crowded at all.
Zen gardens under the escalators and in front of Midori
Midori's entrance
We get to sit near the fake bamboo trees. Nice view I guess. :D 

It was a perfect table for us, not too far from the buffet spread and not too near the traffic to have people passing by us too much. Raimie of course, was happy to go out and eat Japanese food.

How was the food? Well, I let these photo do all the explanation.
and for desserts - mochi for Raimie and what else for my hubby? Macha ice cream of course!
The staff there were attentive and helpful, our plates were cleared quickly and our green tea cup were filled timely too. I certainly have no issues with the food there. The quantity and selection of food may not be a lot, but the quality of the food offered was definitely good. But it was rather funny for a diner seated behind us grumbling because there was no Teh Tarik served in the Japanese restaurant! Honestly though, will you look for a Teh Tarik at  places like this or say, Sushi King?

I would've eaten more but in the middle of our meal, Raimie wanted to go to the toilet to do his "big thing". This boy of mine never fails having the need to go to the toilet every s.i.n.g.l.e. time we go out and eat somewhere nice. You know how spending a few minutes in the toilet waiting for someone to poop can kill you appetite, right? XD

I even accidentally dropped Raimie's watch outside the toilet afterwards. Luckily, when I went to look for it (after Raimie asking for his watch back), the cleaner on duty had picked the cheap watch up and was on her way to put it at "DM" which I assume the lost & found.

All in all, a good evening for us. Thank you Hubby for a nice dinner. *Gochisosama deshita. It was a good meal.*^-^* <3

Japanese lesson for the day :
Gochisosama -  good food/good meal - for more detailed explanation check out the second comment of this post. ;)


  1. Teh tarik in Japanese restaurant?
    Hahahahaha.... I will probably laughing when I heard something like that lina.

  2. gochisousama-I had a wonderful meal, say to the person when paying at the shop.

    gochisou sama deshita- say to your host (visiting friends), mother or family members.

    gochisou sama deshita not only for food. (Untuk rezeki yg telah diterima juga). contoh.

    I'm happy with my wife last night...gochiso sama deshita (your reply).

    My husband is still say gochiso sama deshita.

    hehehe (kenyit mata).

    Enjoy your trip. Japan is still burning at 37c today. Okinawa very cool.


  3. @zezebel,
    I marveled at such silliness. LOL

  4. @Kak Lela,
    Thanks for the explanation. :)

    I should try the example #4 & 5 tonite. *wink wink* LOL

  5. awww... your sweet hubby bought you a lovely Japanese dinner!

    I'm going to teach my girlfriends examples 4 & 5. hahaha....

  6. I'm already having nightmares thinking of having buffet with 416 tables of diners o_o

  7. Happy anniversary! :)

  8. what a beautiful setting and a sumptuous dinner.

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening with lots to eat.

  10. @Laane & Mei Teng,
    Thanks. :)

  11. @ECL,
    Practising #4 & 5 is interesting kan? :D

    He is sweet, but sometimes I wish he told me about whatever plans he has early on. ;)

  12. @Life Ramblings & AVCR8teur,
    Good meal and a great evening for us. :)

  13. belated happy anniversary!

    aha! zaini got you there...i bet you almost crumbled after seeing his surprise!

    looks like a lovely anniversary afterall

  14. @Ayie,
    I pouted because he didn't tell me earlier. LOL

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