Saturday, 4 September 2010

結婚おめでとう To Us

11 years ago, on Sep 4th 1999 we made a commitment to spend our lifetime together.

Happy anniversary to us!

Where would I be without my pillar? Thank you for always being there and being the calming force for me.

No plan of going anywhere special for the day. We'll just enjoy each other's company, together with our son. That's what is important. *^-^*


  1. Wow, congratulations and wishing you many, many, many more happy years to come!

  2. A handsome and pretty couple there ;) Happy anniversary!!

    What will be the celebration like?

  3. sweetnyerr.. congrats akak tewww

  4. what a delightful pic. Happy anniversary to both of you.

  5. @Mei Teng, en_me & LR,
    Thanks for the wishes. :)

    Ahahaha... I wish I still look like that now. :D

    A quiet celebration, at home. We'll combine our anniversary & birthday celebration at a nice ryokan in Japan later. ;)

  6. Happy Anniversary Lina.
    From your blog, I know both of you a sweet couple.
    You're awesomely pretty lina.

  7. @zezebel,
    thanks for the wish and the compliments too.;)

  8. Awww 11 years? Congratulations dearie! Oh and such a cute photo of makan beradab.. Hehe..

  9. @Bella,
    LOL, cute ka?
    Takde unsur2 malu2 lansung kan? Wakaka

  10. How wonderful Happy Anniversary to you, congratulations on so many years with many more to come :0

  11. i am so late lina but i will still congratulate you no matter what!

    congratulations and happy anniversary to you nand zaini!


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