Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Day 10 In Japan : Around Bessho Onsen

What can one see when one is in Bessho Onsen, which is considered to be the onsen with the oldest history in Nagano? Plenty - that I can tell you.

A sneak peek of the places we visited, while walking around Bessho Onsen.
Entering Bessho Onsen
Plenty of hot spring, of course. You can drink the water, which is said to be good for the stomach and for beauty too.  The minerals in Bessho’s Onsen water leave your skin feeling soft, hence the nickname “Bijin” (beautiful lady) Water.

The taste? Taste like water used to boil eggs. The smell? Like rotten eggs!  The water here after all have sulfurous properties.
A watermill
Great view
A public bath. Cost 150yen per entry, if I'm not  mistaken.
And plenty of temples and important culural monuments to visit. Bessho Onsen is called the "Kamakura Of Shinshu" for nothing. Shinshu was the old name for Nagano, by the way.

More photos coming up! Do visit often. ;-)


  1. The taste is like a rotten egg? Haha...does it really make our skin feeling soft? How so?

  2. @bel,
    Taste not so bad as the smell. XD

    Yes, it really does. I can vouch for that. I just wish that I can enjoy this water everyday so that my skin always looks nice. ;)

  3. Water used to boil eggs is definitely not pleasant at all! :)

  4. @Mei Teng,
    But maybe for health and beauty, the taste can become bearable. ;)

  5. How many days were you staying at this place?

  6. Did you have to hold your nose to drink it? :)

  7. @ezebel,
    for one night only

  8. for the sake of beauty and health, i wouldn't mind drinking the water even if it doesn't smell good.

  9. @AVCr8teur,
    Nope, I didn't. I can still stand the smell. But I can only manage a sip of the water. ;)

  10. @LR,
    I guess most people won't mind too, esp since it's good for health. :)

  11. Taste like rotten egg? Yucks! But I will still drink it especially having come all the way! : D

  12. Ooh! I like that dragon head! : )

  13. @foong,
    I drsnk because I was there too! Might as well try, right?

    Yeah, the dragon head water fountain is nice. :)

  14. Eeps I missed out quite a bit of your blog, been quite a busy bumble bee I am :) I dont mind a sip but thats about it i think heheheeh but is it safe to be drunk if it contains sulphur? You sure documented your trip very beautifully here I love it! Oh yea when there was an Ultraman show at Mines, did you and your lovely boy go? We planned to go but my poor 4 yr old nephew had a mild asthma attack the day before. I was so keen to take him there and get him to see one of his super hero but didnt get to ..thanks to some morons who thought it was ok to smoke in a public toilet that clearly showed NO SMOKING :-(

  15. @cuteandcurls,
    Hope you nephew is all better now. Nope, we didn't go. Can't stand the crowd at Mines. XD

    Yes, the water is safe to drink as visitors are actually encouraged to take a sip. There are scoops everywhere in the area.

  16. i have a bit of a sensitive sense of smell which affects my taste therefore if it smells bad, it will rather taste bad right away for me (mostly)


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