Monday, 25 October 2010

Day 10 In Japan : Checking In At Uematsuya

Remember I mentioned in my earlier post about Day 10 being a day for relaxing?

We checked-in at Uematsuya for the night. Located in Bessho Onsen resort in Nagano Prefecture, Uematsuya is right in centre of the resort area so it is quite convenient to sightsee or visit other public baths surrounding the ryokan.

From Bessho Onsen station, we took a free shuttle ride to the ryokan and upon the arrival of the shuttle van, a staff was already waiting for guests' arrival. Pretty much the same scenario at other places too. Hotel/ryokan staff will be already standing outside when the shuttle van is due to arrive. Good service eh?
The hotel we spent our night in.

That's a persimmon tree outside the ryokan, but they were still unripe for us to even try to nick one! XD
After checking-in formalities done, we were ushered to a seat and served with hot towels (just two in the photo because Raimie had already took his);
along with frothy green tea for us and iced barley tea for Raimie and some sweets too. The green tea is traditionally prepared in single portions, whipped to a frothy green color with a bamboo whisk, by the way.

If you drink alcohol, they will also serve you with a local white and red wine too.
After being amply refreshed by the tea, we were shown to our room. It's really spacious, isn't it? We got a really big room, almost the size of a small apartment! I kid you not!

In the room, the staff explained to us about the ryokan facilities and also arranged for our preferred time for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning. We had our dinner later that night in the comfort of our room.

If you are worried about not understanding Japanese, worry no more. This ryokan provides printed explanations about the facilities and also about the area in English. There are also English speaking front office staff to assist you.
Some of the facilities here look old but they are all in good working condition. Upon seeing this telephone, Raimie asked me how to use it. My son has never seen or used this type of phone before! Actually, staying in this ryokan kinda made me feel like I was being transported back to Meiji era.
A guest book dating way back in the 1990s. There were a stack of guest books in our room and flicking through it, there were plenty of foreign guests writing, but all of them wrote in Japanese!
View from our room. It was nice to open the window and sit at the verandah, looking out and enjoying the scenery.

We didn't stay in our room for long. Next order of business was of course to enjoy a dip in their onsens. We did that and later in the evening, Zaini and I went out to sightsee. That - next. Stay tuned!


  1. Wow! So good service? The staff already standing outside waiting for your arrival? Not bad eh?

  2. Oh! Too bad you didn't get to pluck some persimmons from the tree! Haha

  3. OMG!! The room is so spacious!! Wow!

  4. Haha! Raimie did not know how to use that old fashioned telephone? Yeah, nowadays, can't find such phones. Besides I'll be too lazy to dial it! LOL!

  5. That's a really nice view from the room. Looking forward to your next post! : )

  6. Woooow.
    That look like an old place. Am I right?
    Old place normally will bring romantic feeling in you. Wish i can go to this place one day.

  7. @foong,
    at all the inns the shuttle van hich we took, made a stop at; there were staff waiting to greet guests. If you remember, we stayed at Taenoyu Onsen last year, and when our bus stopped in front of the inn, a staff came out running to greet us. Awesome service!

    Nice view from our room, but not as nice as the room view you got at Guilin of terraced rice paddies. That was an awesome view to have!

  8. @zezebel,
    The inn is indeed an old inn but by no means was it rundown. It just gave a nice nostalgic vibe to it, which made us felt we were tranposted back to the 1900s. :D

  9. Re the green tea, does it taste more bitter than the regular green tea served over here?

    I have seen the kind you mentioned on tv. They appeared to be very thick..judging from the consistency.

  10. @Mei Teng,
    It wasn't that bitter but maybe a tad bitter from the green tea served here. From what I gather, there are thick tea and there are thin tea.

    Ours, which was not served in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony style; wasn't that thick because it was actually foamy so it was rather soft and light to drink. (If that makes sense?) I'm bad at describing food. ^-^!

  11. the room does look spacious and inviting. it's a surprise to know that the old fashion dial-up is still being used today. the view from your room looks gorgeous.

  12. I have never stayed in a ryokan. Are you served in your room or you bring the food back? They are trusting to leave the guest book in the room. It is funny that Raimie has never seen that old-style phone before.

  13. @LR,
    It was quite nostalgic to see these old items at the inn. :)

  14. @AVCr8teur,
    This time, our dinner was served in our room.

    Yeah, it was actually amusing when he want to try to use the phone that he had never seen before.

  15. But do all their hotel room look spacious like that? Its look like you can accommodate over 6 people at one time.

  16. Lovely, lovely hotel. Would love to stay here.

  17. @Zezebel,
    We got a bigger room. Other rooms (we've checked) are not as big as this. Well, all hotels are like that - you have superior rooms, deluxe rooms, suites... right?

  18. I like the spacious room you got. It's rare to get such a big space for Japanese bedrooms.

  19. @ECL,
    It was a nice stay. And with plenty of places to sightsee in the area, it was a good choice for foreign tourists too. :)

  20. One of the many things you will never forget and be satisfied visiting this beautiful country is the service, definitely. I like the ryokan where you stayed and my my such a spacious room..i guess this is the room for a family isnt it? Lovely view too! That phone sure brings back fond childhood memories for me..the days where we would have to wait for it to rrrrr click to dial the next number hehehe ...may i know the name of this hotel?

  21. @cutenadcurls,
    The hotel's e is in the title of this post : Uematsuya. ^-^

    The standard of service in Japan is a big factor for us to keep making a return visit, year after year.

    Yeah, the phone is soooo nostalgic.

  22. hey foong, you'rein spamming mood again!

    i miss spamming lIna's blog with you!

  23. hehehe I am actually cooking @ 10pm for tomorrow's food while doing this. Just out baby to sleep =P

  24. the treats you got seems so good, I wanna have too!


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