Monday, 11 October 2010

Day 7 In Japan : Yoyogi, Harajuku & Omotesando

Day 7 of our trip to Japan was a Sunday and it felt like the whole Tokyo residents decided to come out and play.
We were back to Tokyo and the plan for the day was a stop at Yoyogi Park, a glimpse of Meiji Jingu and walking past Harajuku and Omotesando. It was super hot in Tokyo and with the heat, it was hard walk outdoors and deal with the crowd.
There was a Vietnam Fair nearby Yoyogi Park and hordes of people visiting the fair. Is the Vietnam fair a yearly affair? Last year, there was also a Vietnam Fair at the time we visited the park. Judging by the turnout, the Vietnam fair was a success. I wonder whether there is similar event held by us Malaysians to promote our country, culture and not to mention food at this big scale.
People chilling out at Yoyogi Park. It sure was nice to have a picnic there, or just lying down on the grass and have a nap. Some were seen practising their singing (choir group, maybe?). Some were practising playing musical instruments.It was a nice relaxed atmosphere at the park but we didn't linger there.
As usual, Harajuku Station was packed with people. Scary.
Walking down Omotesando past all the boutiques.

Despite our intentionto cover the area, we just can't stand the heat. The last straw was going into Kiddyland. The original store location was currently being renovated/upgraded and they've moved to a smaller store a few meters away. It was small but with the huge crowd, going in the store was a claustrophobic experience.

We couldn't stand both the heat and the crowd anymore, and decided to head to Ueno and visited a toy store; Yamashiroya there.

Look what we got for Raimie:
So the day wasn't such a waste, after all. At least not for Raimie. :-)


  1. I cannot imagine how hot it was as I thought Japan has a cool climate.

    I like Raimie's toys. :)

  2. @ECL,
    The summer there can be quite punishing - even hotter than what I used to in Malaysia! o.O

    Raimie loves his bounty too. ;)

  3. it must be a torture to walk under the blistering summer sun. i don't think i can handle the heat and humidity. i prefer to travel in autumn or spring season, not too hot and not too cold.

  4. @LR,
    It was hard. The heat was quite unbearable compared to two previous summers we were in Japan. :(

    Well, it'll be a winter trip to Japan next year for us! :)

  5. I have only been to Japan during the winter months and look forward to having more people around for warmth. You had the direct opposite scenario. I like the collectable Ultraman drink cans.

  6. Lina..,
    raimie toys in a cans or come with the cans?
    Never seen anything like it before.

  7. @AVCr8teur,
    The cans are cute, right? ;)

  8. @zezebel,
    those are canned drinks, with Ultraman & Kamen Rider motifs not toys. ;)
    But of course, we collect everything in relation to the two mentioned above, we still keep the empty cans and Raimie used it as his "bowling pins" at home. A very noisy game of bowling. LOL

  9. Hahahahaha....
    No wonder. I like figuring out myself how do you take out the toys without opening the cans. I know Japanese are so creative maybe their toys come in a cans nowadays. Hehehehe....

  10. I have enough of hot weather!! The last few travels I had were all hot! The one in Guilin, Bali and the recent Cambodia were all hot, hot, hot!!

    And now in Malaysia also hot like hell!! Enough!!

    I'm going Hong Kong next year for some cold weather! Yay!!

  11. Haha! So cute lah what you got for Raimie!! I'm sure he likes them!! : D

  12. I would have to visit their in the Winter. I don't like the heat at all.

  13. @foong,
    Waaaa... so nice, going to HK next year! When? Spring time?

    The can drinks? Yes, he absolutely loves them.

  14. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    Spring or autumn would be lovely too. :)

  15. so much people!

    love those toys for raimie!

  16. @Ayie,
    way too many for comfort. If you can, avoid travelling around Japan during their long holidays. You'll feel crushed. Although, even in this crowd you won't get jostled around as much because everyone seems aware of each other's personal space.

  17. They are just more civilized than any other places XD


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